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DVD Releases This Week

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manga-logoAs with almost every week, this week there are a number of new releases hitting our shores in the UK. Most of them are follow ons from already established series, with two complete collections as well. These four shows are:

  1. Naruto Series 5 Part 2
  2. Naruto Complete Series 4
  3. Pretear Complete Collection
  4. Aquarian Age Complete Collection

As always these can be purchased through all good online retailers.

Alcon 09 Confirmed

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alcon-09One of the larger conventions in the UK, Alcon have now confirmed that the dates for this years convention will be the 4th to the 6th September inclusive. This event is scheduled to take place at De Monfort University, in Leicester.

This three day convention will cost £25 for three days with rooms available for £21 pppn. You can register your interest now and hold off from paying until the 30th April as well! This year there will be various exclusives at Alcon such as the epic vampire v ninja v pirate battle, the Iron Artist, RPG mashup and various other traditional events as well.

Not forgetting that Little Kuriboh will be around, the author of the hit internet series Yu Gi Oh Abridged.

Source: Alcon

DVD Releases This Week

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manga-logoThis week there is only half the number of anime released from last week, with only two titles being released this week. One comes from Revelation Films and the other is being released via the famous Manga Entertainment.

This week the titles are:

  1. XXXHolic: Series 1 – Part 2
  2. Spiral – Volume 2: Disarming Fate

As ever, you can purchase these titles at all top retailers.

Solty Rei Trailers

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solty-reiToday MVM Entertainment were kind enough to post some new clips from their up and coming anime Solty Rei, which is due to be released on DVD in the UK on the 16th March, 2009 (which is subject to change). Solty Rei is centres around Roy Revant who is a bounty hunter in a broken city where thousands have died from a mysterious even called the Blast Fall.

Many did not die, but were seriously injured. They have managed to be rebuilt by science and are called Resembles, as they resemble humans but are no longer a human being. Solty is a Resemble but one unlike the world has ever known! A young girl with a past and she’ll soon have a family but in a world of pain and fear life can always get harder again for her.

See the three clips below:

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/videos/solty_rei_1_high.flv” /]
[flashvideo filename=wp-content/videos/solty_rei_2_high.flv” /]
[flashvideo filename=wp-content/videos/solty_rei_3_high.flv” /]

Ghost in the Shell To Get Blu-Rayed

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ghost_in_the_shell_dvdIt’s been reported today that the classic anime movie Ghost in the Shell is due to have a new, high definition release in the USA later this year on the winner of the HD format: Blu-Ray. This release is due out in the later part of Summer at the moment, such as August or September.

According to various sources this release is in fact Ghost in the Shell 2.0, which is the remastered and with additional CGI sequences that was released in Japan in July past. Currently there is no word on the UK release of this classic film, but the continued success of this franchise almost guarantees a release.

So GiTS fans need not worry.

Source: ICV2

NEO to Allow User Reviews

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neo-magazine1The editor of the much loved UK based anime, manga and asian cinema entertainment magazine: Gemma Cox recently contacted UK Anime Net to advise that they will soon be allowing fan-reviews of recently released anime and manga to be published, in print, in their magazine NEO. This is the first time the magazine have allowed such a function and may open people up to all sorts of new genres inside anime.

The first review will be FLCL, and it can be no more than 250 words long – otherwise the staff won’t have time to read or the space to publish it. For full details check out NEO’s official forum here.

All you need to do is make sure that the text is enclosed in the e-mail (i.e. not in a Word document of any sort) and e-mail it to: mail@neomag.co.uk. Just make sure that you’ve spell checked it first!

Source: UK Anime Net

DVD Releases This Week

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advThis week we’ve got some solid anime distribution, with four titles being released this week. One from the once huge ADV Films and a few from MVM as well.

This week we see:

  1. Angelic Layer Complete Collection
  2. Elemental Gelade Box Set
  3. Death Note – Volume 4
  4. Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Season 1 Vol. 1

As always, you can purchase this show from the usual good retailers.

Yen Press Announce Various Licenses

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yotsubaAt the New York Comic Con, Yen Press have announced that they are taking over a number of releases in the USA. Of course USA releases mean little in the long run to the UK market as we all know that many of the UK publishers are entirely independent from their US counterparts. However, Yen Press and Orbit Manga run together in the UK so it’s likely that this may impact the UK more heavily than usual.

The first from this young publisher is Spice and Wolf, which was announced in September. The second is Crescent Moon Story, and the final one is an old ADV Manga license and much loved series: Yotsuba&!. From Korea they are adding Raiders, Laon and Time and Time again.

These are all fairly high profile series and this young and dynamic publisher will do well to allow these series to be published by them in the UK. However, it is still currently unknown as to how this will affect the UK market if at all.

Source: Anime News Network

Orbit Manga Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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orbitRecently Orbital Manga announced their latest convention surrounds the up and coming celebration of all things mushy – Valentine’s Day. For many this is an important day, and to celebrate love and all things cute Orbital Manga’s competition will involve lots of drawing and manga.

On the 14th February, from 1400 onward some of the most talented UK manga artists will draw pictures of you and your loved one, or you in a heart for just £10 in a manga form. Not to mention the competition, which come courtesy of Orbital Manga and Letraset:

Send/bring in your cutest love inspiring manga art to us by 14th February or come in on the day and get drawing and submit your drawing by 5pm.

This should be a fun contest, and is open to absolutely anybody. If you wish to enter this competition, and to be in with a chance of winning some super awesome prizes, all you have to do is:

* submit an original artwork of yours
* one submission per person
* no larger than A4 to Orbital Manga, 4c Orion House, Upper St Martins Lane, London WC2H 9NY.
* Don’t forget to write your name, email, and contact number on the back of your work.

The event will take place at:

4c Orion House
Upper St Martins Lane
London, England

No travel information this time, but according to Google Maps the location isn’t too far from Leicester Square and Covent Garden stations.

Leek and Sushi’s Manga Show: 150 Years of Friendship

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itchIt has been announced that the independent, UK based, manga studio and publisher ITCH have released a new 204 page manga book that compiles literally hundreds of short manga sketches into what is known as the Leek and Sushi’s Manga Show: 150 Years of Friendship.

This collection of 15 different artists has been released to celebrate the 150 years of diplomatic ties to the Japanese state from the UK. Originally a lot of the drawings were submitted to the Japanese Embassy for a competition, so it has to be noted that they have not had any ties with the production of this anthology.

Below in our gallery are a few of the many shorts available in this anthology – you can purchase this anthology from ITCH’s website here.

Sources: ITCH and IndieManga

Japanese Art Festival

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japanese-art-festivalBetween the 28th February to the 1st March there will be a two day art and cultural festival occurring at the Richmond Adult Community College in Richmond Surrey which will include a Manga and Anime Art Exhibition. This festival celebrates all that is Japanese and is naturally entitled the Japanese Art Festival.

The Japanese Art Festival will feature Sonia Leong, who is a professional comic artist specialising in anime and manga who was the winner of Tokyopop’s UK Rising Stars of Manga competition and the winner of NEO Magazine’s 2005 Manga Competition. She’s best known for her work at Sweatdrop studios.

The organiser and keynote speaker will be Akemi Solloway, a descendant from an old Samurai family and is an expert in a wide range of subjects relating to Japanese history and culture.

The author of Manga: 60 Years of Japanese Comics, Paul Gravett along with the legendary Helen McCarthy, of 500 Essential Anime fame, will also be speaking on anime and manga in the UK.

Entry to the event is free and will run from 1200 – 0000 on the 28th and 1100 to 1900 on Sunday. It’s located at Richmond Adult Community college and the details are listed below:

Richmond Adult Community College

Travel Information

Richmond station is on a direct rail link from London Waterloo with trains running approximately every half hour at non-peak travel times. It is close to many bus routes and is adjacent to the A316 which is one of the main roads into central London.

From Heathrow central tube station take the Piccadilly Line to Earls Court and change onto the District Line to reach Richmond.

H22, H37, 65, R68, R70, 190, 290, 371, 419, 490.

Mobility buses: 938, 963, 964, 967. For more information visit the TFL website

There is a taxi office located next to the venue.

Parking Information
Car parking space at the venue is limited. Please email us if you have specific requirements.

The Richmond Business School is located next to the large Old Deer Public Car Park, accessible off the A316 and off Parkshot. Pricing details:

Short Term (nearest section to the Business School)
60p per 30mins
MAX STAY 4 hrs

Long Term (furthest section from Business School, near to entrance off A316)
60p per 30 mins up to 4 hrs
6 hrs – £6.00
24hrs – £8.00

Charges apply:
Mon – Sat 8am – 18.30pm
Sun & B/Hols 11am – 17.00pm

There are also other local car parks in the area including an NCP facility at 1 The Quadrant Richmond TW9 1BP.

Source: Japanese Art Festival (and for all of the travel information as well!)

Bandai Visual Start New Magazine

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yombanIn an age where print media is starting to fall the the side, with companies frequently struggling to make ends meet, companies are frequently turning to new types of technology that we’ve all be using for years to get their messages across. The latest company to jump onto the online bandwagon is Bandai Visual in Japan.

On Monday they launched the e-zine called Yomban, which offers original manga, novels and essays aimed at one of the key audiences for Bandai Visual: males in their 20s.

According to Anime News Network the lineup will consist of:


* Ontama. by Mutsumi Sasaki (Happy Lesson)
* Bukatsu Shojo Yu by AM-DVL (Original story by Trigun character designer Takahiro “Something” Yoshimatsu)
* Miss Maverick ni wa Sakarau na by Mizuki Sakakibara (in cooperation with Dance In The Vampire Bund creator Nozomu Tamaki)
* Band Yaro-ze! by Sokra Tesla (Original story by musician Porche Okite)
* Gachapokke by Daisuke Arakubo
* Garettoderowa ~Jo-o Heika no Kashi Shokunin~ by Rami Hato


* Kaze to Tanpopo ~Wakusei-kan Monogatari~ by Banner of the Stars author Hiroyuki Morioka (characters: Sachiko Kono, mechanic: Bakugan Battle Brawlers’ Susumu Imaishi)
* Blood*Arm by Takahiro Okura (illustrated by Hitoshi Yoneda)
* Splash Zone ~Rakka no Jiku~ by Stellvia’s Tatsuo Sato (illustrated by Gainax, Ryota Hayatsu)


* Sekka Sange-roku by Alika Takarano
* Momoi no Oto by singer/actress Halko Momoi

Other Materials

* Cover calendar by Okama (February), Jun Suemi (March)
* Readers’ illustration corner by Kakban
* Editorial staff blog from Aomono-yokocho (a train station in western Tokyo)

This may not immediately strike one as having relevance in the UK; however, this sort of magazine is often the starting point for various others to follow and it’s only a matter of time before the UK follows what others have been doing.

Source: Anime News Network

Tokyopop USA Delay Titles

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tokyopop_logoRecently Comics Worth Reading posted a list of cancelled Tokyopop titles in the USA. This list is actually a list of delayed series, and thanks to MangaBlog there is now confirmation from Toykopop USA’s marketing director regarding the delays.

You are correct that we’ve postponed—not cancelled—these series, although the .Hack Manga-Novel Special Edition (a manga & novel combo book of two previously pubbed volume 1’s, at a value price) is something we may not publish, because of some licensing issues.

In general, we have spaced out the release frequency of some slower-selling titles, and as a result, we have fewer releases each month. I believe our release-plan refinement was reported in December.

There’s quite a few titles that have been delayed, and this will be due to the fact that they are trying to maximise their titles which is only right during the current market. However, this shouldn’t have much of an affect on the UK as in the past Andrew and I were discussing Tokyopop Germany and he stated:

Just so you know most of our licences are bought on a UK basis…

So there’s not a huge chance of the UK release dates changing – but as always nothing is set in stone.

Source: MangaBlog

DVD Releases This Week

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mvmentertainmentAs with most weeks the anime distributors of the UK have released a number of animes this week. Although it’s going to be very hard for a lot of people to venture out to the shops to purchase them today due to the snow! So if you are trying to get about keep safe.

The four releases today are:

  1. Desert Punk Volume 1
  2. FLCL Collection
  3. Slayers Volume 2
  4. Daphne in the Brilliant Blue Volume 4

As always you can buy these from many online retailers and shops such as hmv, Sendit, Amazon and many more. FLCL got a 9/10 so it’s a must have.

Dir en Grey Concert Cancelled

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direngreyDir en Grey are a Japanese j-Rock band who recently signed up with the rock metal music station and magazine Kerrang! as part of their Kerrang! Relentless Energy Drink Tour Show. A concert that was meant to occur on Friday 30th January had to be postponed due to “energy reasons” – somewhat ironic considering the name of the tour.

The organisers of the tour have simply postponed the concert until another time. However, it has been brought to the attention of News-Anime that this is no longer the case and the show has simply been canned. The official word is as follows:

It was with regret that the last night of the Kerrang! Relentless Energy Drink Tour 2009 at Brixton Academy on January 30 was cancelled due to an unforseen electrical power failure in local area.

Despite great efforts from the organisers and venue managers to remedy the situation throughout the evening, the energy supplier did not fix the problem and we were left with no option but to cancel the show.

Whilst we explored other options, including the possible rescheduling of the show for tonight (Saturday Jan 31), we did not have the assurances that the problem would be rectified in time.

Under the circumstances, and despite the best intentions of the five bands on the tour, it will not be possible to reschedule the show in the immediate future.

We understand how disappointing this was for everyone who had bought a ticket for what promised to be an amazing show. The bands, Kerrang! and Relentless all share this disappointment, especially at what was supposed to be the climax night of a great tour.

Please check back for more information and how to obtain ticket refunds on www.kerrang.com from Monday Feb 2.

We advise all ticket holders to retain their ticket stub.

So for those poor souls who have been unable to attend this concert, it’s time for a refund unfortunately. There doesn’t appear to be any other reason cited aside from power problems – so there is a chance that Dir en Grey will appear again in the UK soon. However, there’ s been no word of when or if.

Source: Kerrang!