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Panda! Go Panda Clips

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Named as one of the greatest director’s of all time, Hayao Miyazaki started off many years ago as a basic director. For the first time on British shores on the 6th July we will see Panda Go Panda, argubaly his first film. This film is around 30 years old and was greated during the height of panda love in Japan.

To celebrate the release, Manga have sent us a few clips for you to watch:

Bleach The Movie: Memories of Nobody Clips

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To celebrate the impending release of the next movie in one of the biggest anime sensations since Naruto, Dragonball Z and Pokémon – Bleach. Bleach The Movie: Memories of Nobody is due for release on the 6th July and to celebrate this Manga have sent us across a few clips of the movie for your enjoyment:

Street Fighter and Bleach Movie Competition

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Unlike our sleepy friend Osaka who keeps a sleepy eye over the competitions page, our next competitions courtesy of Manga Entertainment is anything but sleepy!

We have in our possession two copies of the latest Bleach film, Bleach The Movie Memories of Nobody and we also have two copies of Street Fighter Five Disc Movie Collection to give away to two lucky winners, and all they need to do is answer the very simple question below:

Bleach and Street Fighter both have something in common – what is it?

A) They have the same director.

B) They both have their own videogames

C) They’re both 25 years old this year.


Script by Dagon Design

Street Fighter 5 Disc Movie Collection is available from hmv from the 29th June and Bleach The Movie: Memories of Nobody is available from the 6th July.

No closing date for this competition, so make sure you get answering quick!

Once the winners have been chosen, I will e-mail you directly for your address so that we can send you the prize! Don’t worry – we don’t keep a record of your address and will not pass it onto any third parties as spam and junk mail is the devil’s work. For the lucky winners, your prizes will be sent to you after the 6th July.

Terms and Conditions: Unfortunately, as with everything in life now there are certain terms and conditions on things, and this competition is one of them. They’re all pretty easy and relaxed though, so don’t worry.
* If you’re under 13, please don’t apply without parental permission * This competition is for a PAL copy of Bleach and Street Fighter. If you’re applying from a non-PAL region, bare this in mind. * News-Anime.com will take no responsibility in regards to the content, condition or application of the DVD. * Everything is provided “as-is”. * All winners are selected at random. * News-Anime.com reserves the right to cancel this competition at any time.
You can rest assured that at all times we keep your e-mail and address safe and under no circumstance will we sell it on to another company so that they can spam you. If you are under 13 please ask your parent’s permission before entering the competition, and if they have any questions just get them to e-mail us and we’ll hopefully quash any worries.

DVD Releases This Week

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narutoAfter no new releases last week, this week there are two new releases that will keep some fans very happy. These two release are:

Naruto Unleashed: Complete Series 5 – £26.95 – Zavi
Naruto Unleashed: Series 6 – Part 2 – £14.98 – SendIt

As always these can be bought through all major retailers, and the above are the cheapest at the current time.

Street Fighter – 5 Disc Movie Collection

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All your anime Street Fighter action.

Street Fighter – 5 Disc Movie Collection

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There are few successful videogame to movie adaptations, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and that Mario film from years ago. Fortunately it would appear that videogame to anime films are far more successful as the Street Fighter 5 Disc Movie Collection features all of the anime films from this iconic series in one boxset.

In total there are three films, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha Generations and Street Fighter II, along with Street Fighter The Digital Comic. Street Fighter Alpha is the first film of the box set, although much like Star Wars it’s actually Street Fighter Alpha Generations that’s chronologically first in the Street Fighter timeline.

In Street Fighter Alpha Ken returns home to pay his respects to his late master and crops into Ryu. This reunion is better sweet as the pair have not seen each other in many years and they must together overcome a great evil that’s slowly taking over Ryu as well as the land. Ryu’s younger brother, Shun appears from no where and yet no one has any memory of him, whilst Ryu, Ken and Shun get to know one another the demonic power that lies dormant inside of Ryu starts to bubble at the surface and it’s soon apparent that Shun has the ability to utilise this power as well.

Street Fighter Alpha has decent voice acting in English and the Japanese voice cast is very well acted. Fortunately good casting and decent translating have managed to keep Street Fighter Alpha fighting back the easy trap that videogame to film adaptations usually fall into. The animation is very well done, there are a lot of muted tones throughout and the demonic scenes are dark and very distinct at all times. Unfortunately the storyline itself isn’t exactly amazing and for the most part is somewhat clichéd; however, the ending is very impressive.

The second film to be made is actually the first film in the series and Street Fighter Alpha Generations tells the story of Gouki’s defeat of Ryu’s master, leaving the village and falling into a very dark and evil life. Ryu returns to the village and dojo to pay his respects to his master. Ryu is plagued by nightmares of Gouki. He soon finds that his dojo has been left to ruin and starts training again to find the man who killed his former master.

Street Fighter Alpha Generations also has a strong voice-acting cast in both English and Japanese and for the most part is well acted. With some dodgy phases in the film it doesn’t sound as good as the first but the artwork is far more impressive. The character designs have changed a lot from the first film and although look more blocky and less impressive, are actually far more fluid with more impressive backgrounds. The muted tones of the backgrounds are strong contrasts to the much brighter, although still faded in comparison to the likes of Lucky Star; leave more of a lasting impression on the viewer.

Street Fighter 2 begins with Ryu and Sagat fighter at full strength whilst Cammie White, a former street fighter and a hired assassin are targeting Albert Sellers. The Interpol officer Chung Lee, manage to arrest Cammie White, unfortunately the Shadow Law managed to recruit many of the normal street fighters to act as assassins to destroy the Albert Sellers in London. Bison, the leader of the Shadow Law is planning on taking over the world and must be stopped and the person to do this is Ryu.

Along with the other films, the animation quality is very good, as is the voice acting and the translations a little hit and miss. This is the uncut version, therefore there’s the extended scenes of Chung Lee and all of the controversy that in modern society appears to be far minor than when it was first released.

Along with these films there’s a digital comic in the style of manga. This comic expands upon various aspects of the series and is well done, with brilliant drawing quality and is well scripted.

London Film & Comic Con Update

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london comic con

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The London Film & Comic Con recently announced that it will be expanding into anime and manga, with over 30,000 people attending last year. This year it has recently been announced that the LFCC will have over fifty guests attending the event.

Confirmed guests include:

* Vic Mignogna (FMA)
* Spike Spencer (Evangelion)
* Buble Bee (Transformers) and many more.

There will be a £100 prize for the winner of the masquerade ball and to get in on the action remember to register here.

The following areas for anime and manga fans are now announced!

* Anime Theatre Zone – Presenting the latest anime!
* Video Gaming Zone – Something for everyone! Animeleague Gamers will be ensuring there’s retro-Gaming, a handheld Corner, the latest consoles and games, tournaments and DDRing/Step-mania!
* Artist Alley – Are you interested in art? Team Dimension will be running the artist alley! A great place to chill out, meet new artist friends and to meet professional artists from all over the world!
* Cosplay Zone -Cosplay Zone – As if the other cosplay events were not enough there will be an area dedicated to workshops and for cosplayers to hang out.
* Chill-Out Zones – Are you an online community and want to run a meetup at LFCC? We have chill-out zones for attendees to chat, relax and get to know one another. Email mtowers1982@yahoo.co.uk and we can arrange a time for you!

A sneak look at just some of our planned events for the anime fan!

* Cosplay Masquerades
* Para Para Dancing with Roppongi Street
* Rock Band Tournament
* DDR Tournament
* Japanese Culture with Akemi Solloway
* Anime Radio
* Iron Artist
* Gundam Speed Build Contest
* Cardboard Box Mecha Contest
* Pillow fights!
* Pizza eating competitions!
* Much more yet to be announced

A reminder of the event details:

Entry is £5 after 11am, or £10 if before 11am

Admission available in advance online or on the door on the day. Full details are here – http://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com/details.html

Ocean Waves Première

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Recently we announced that Optimum Asia will be releasing one of the last works from Studio Ghibli to the UK market – Ocean Waves. The pending release date was in July; however, it’s now been confirmed that the UK première of Ocean Waves will take place at The Japanese Art Festival, which takes place in Richmond (UK).

The Japanese Art Festival takes place between the 11-12th July 2009 and will be at:

Richmond Adult Community College

We currently have no confirmed time slots for the première or the event itself.

Source: Japanese Art Festival Twitter

Blood The Last Vampire Opening

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blood-the-last-vampire-movieBlood The Last Vampire is due out nationwide this Friday – the 26th June. To celebrate the impending release date, Pathé have decided to release a one minute clip of the opening to the movie. It’s look like it’s going to be an amazing piece of work as you can all see from the below:

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/videos/blood_the_last_vampire_clip1_850k.flv” /]

Funimation’s Locked Video Server Temporary

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funimation-logoRecently the Funimation server was compromised and as such Funimation have quite rightly starting to tighten up their security. Subsequently this has meant that they have started to region lock their videos, therefore the UK has been locked out of Funimation streaming. This was the accepted norm as happened with Joost, Voeh, MTV and various other video streaming sites.

However, Funimation announced today via their Twitter channel that this is not the case. An unnamed Funimation rep has stated:

UK-based visitors to the FUNi video portal will be temporarily unable to access our content. We are in the process of opening the video of each series approved for streaming in the UK and this will take more time to complete. This is only temporary and we fully intend for these series to return for fans in the UK.

Which is great news!

Source: Twitter

Last Ghibli Film – Ocean Waves Dated for UK

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ocean wavesIt’s become apparent that Optimum Asia will be releasing what is being pegged as the final Studio Ghibli film to be brought across to the English speaking world. Due for release on the 17th August 2009, Ocean Waves was directed by Tomomi Mochizuki, and is one of the few directors aside from Miyazaki himself to direct a film from this famous studio.

Morisaki Taku and Matsuno Yutaka are best friends, then a girl called Muto Rikako transfers to their school in Kochi from Tokyo. A relationship soon blossoms and jealousy and denial are apparent.

Ocean Waves will not be dubbed and will only be available in subtitles according to the BBFC, it also appears that it has been licensed for online viewing as well – the future of distribution potentially?

Source: BBFC and Anime News Network

Samurai Deeper Kyo Sneak Peak

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Samurai Deeper KyoThe latest samurai sword-fighting action anime is due out very shortly, based around the hit manga Code: Breaker, Samurai Deeper Kyo has been confirmed with a release date of the 13h July 2009 and the first volume will feature 7 of the 26 episodes in this series.

We’ve been given access to a new clip, just to get the excitement going:

Avatar The Last Airbender Trailer

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avatar2Many would argue that Avatar: The Last Airbender is not an anime as it was not created in Japan, by Japanese people. I recently wrote my thoughts about this in the latest edition of Jade Screen, which I urge you all to get as it’s got lots of interesting interviews about Asian Cinema in general and not just my musings. However, I digress, Avatar may not be an anime, but it’s one that was certainly inspired by the animation style and the level of substance that the top animes have.

More importantly though the official trailer of the up and coming Avatar The Last Airbender movie was released, which you can see below. From the looks of things this movie is being fairly faithful to the original Nickelodeon cartoons, and is much more faithful that the Dragoball movie…

English Ponyo Trailer Available

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ponyoApple have today released the trailer of Ponyo, the latest Hayao Miyazaki film to be translated into English. This trailer is only for the US release, which is currently being pegged as the 14th August, there is currently no UK release date for a film or DVD release; however, as this is a Miyazaki film I would expect to see this across cinemas in the UK in the next 8 months.

The trailer features all of the English cast and sounds brilliant, with the voices of Cate Blanchett, Noah Cyrus, Matt Damon, Tina Fey, Frankie Jonas, Cloris Leachman, Liam Neeson, Lily Tomlin and Betty White this top cast have managed to do a great job from what we can hear so far.

You can see various sizes of this trailer here.

Solty Rei Volume 2

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A mysterious event that took place twelve years ago devastated the city, over a decade on the affects can still be seen with people who are part cyborg-part human. The government body tasked to oversee this transformation of people into robo-humans are the RUC, the Reestablishment Universe Committee, who are not only making sure that the world is a clean place from deranged robot-humans but also to make sure that the city’s infrastructure and general appearance is back on track. However, this is not the case and the RUC is unable to keep track with the Resembles who have gone bad.

Our anti-hero Roy Revant works in the city as a bounty hunter for the Maverick Hunter’s Company, as his wife and daughter both died at the hands of the mysterious event known as the Blast Fall. This good-guy-gone-bad has a self destructive streak that is only being kept in check by the owner of the company who used to be friend’s with this widower’s wife. That is, until his salvation falls from the sky.


This salvation comes in the way of a Resemble who’s not part human and part robot, but entirely robot and has the power to save Roy from a number of sticky situations he manages to get himself in. This Resemble decides to call herself Solty Rei and lives with Roy, much to his disgust. Throughout this volume of the show we see their characters start to expand and we see more opinions on simple things like theft, morals and strangely décor.

Yet it’s not as simple as that as Solty has to decide whether to become a thief to potentially save someone’s life, or let them suffer. This decision is clearly hard for Solty and Roy to make and this decision they make may not bode well for the future. Fortunately these decisions lead the team to the Old City where they can see the remaining devastation of the Blast Fall first hand. As they delve deeper into the city they end up being trapped with only moments left due to another horrible event in the area.


Of course there’s a level of cliché in these episodes, as the characters are starting to try and define themselves a little to the audience. Rather than being the two dimensional anti-hero who’s lost it all, Roy’s heart is starting to open up to new possibilities and going to the edge of town where his partner and child potentially died is a great moment for a lot of character development to occur – unfortunately this moment was not utilised brilliantly. Fortunately though this could be rectified in the next episodes as there’s lot of nuggets of mystery and general humour that have been laid in these early episodes.

It’s more clear that although the anime is titled Solty Rei, the show does not centre just on this one character, or even the development and relationship between Solty and Roy Revant but more so on what is normally considered the supporting cast and especially Rose. She seems especially determined to try and recruit Solty into the RUC cause, and this simply annoys the rest of the cast and it’s quickly up to Roy and Solty to try and protect Rose from her own sense of unprofessionalism and fanaticism of a completed job.


As ever with Gonzo is would appear that there are multiple themes and various storylines trying to be told at the same time. Fortunately in this case they are working well as they all seem to be somewhat interlinked at the moment, mostly surrounding Solty and the very fact that the team are all at the Blast Fall point is clearly important for the forthcoming volumes.

As with the first volume the colours are good, but this volume’s colours are not only brighter but they feel more vibrant and distinct. The animation quality itself has changed very little, some of the backgrounds to the cities look the same and a lot of the “occasional characters” leave no lasting impression. Although the main cast are all well designed and each of them are easily recognised and equally easy to remember.

The voice acting has been done to a great standard, both the Japanese and the English cast portray emotion very well and there’s a clear effort gone into the English casting as the characters match their profiles very well. Fortunately this isn’t just done by trying to match the tone of voice to the Japanese cast, but to the actual character itself.