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New Manga Day in Sussex

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sweatdrop-6th-birthdayIn the South East of England, in Sussex, a new Manga Day has been announced and will be taking place on the 7th November in Crawley.

In the Crawley Library, on the 7th November a Manga Day is taking place and Sweatdrop Studios will be hosting a fun filled day of manga fun. There will be manga workshops, professional advise from the artists themselves and even a small Cosplay event.

There will be a stall available from some of those from Sweatdrop Studio members, where new and old manga will be available to purchase!

Location: Crawley Library, Southgate Avenue, Crawley, RH10 6HG
Cost: Free!
Date: 7th November
Hours: 1000-1600

DVD Releases This Week

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ghost_in_the_shell_dvdAs with every week, DVDs are released in the UK. Sometimes there are many and sometimes there are few. This week there are a lot of great DVDs that are now available for general purchase, and those DVDs are:

  • Ghost in the Shell 2.0 and Ghost in the Shell Innocence – Blu Ray
  • Ghost in the Shell 2.0 and Ghost in the Shell Innocence – Standard Definition
  • Ghost in the Shell 2.0 – Blue Ray
  • Ghost in the Shell 2.0 – Standard Definition
  • Bleach Series 4 Volume 1
  • Naruto Unleashed Series 7 Volume 2

So that’s an awful lot of High Definition viewing available.

These DVDs are available from all good retailers immediately.

Beez Ask for Help!

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beezFurther to the recent announcement from Beez Entertainment, they have decided to open up their poll to everyone, regardless of whether you are attending the London Expo or not. If you live in the UK, France or Germany, you can enter and potentially win some great prizes.

You can vote here.

You’ve got a month from today to vote.

Sword of the Stranger De-Strangered

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The lovely Andrew over at Beez Entertainment today updated their official blog with some new screenshots of one of their latest titles – Sword of the Stranger. They start off by showing the digitally 3D boxart, which looks like:


Unfortunately there are no photos of the packaging as it’s all be saved for the Expo at the weekend. But the inside will look something like:


Andrew goes on to explain that for the First Edition DVDs that there’s a ton of bonuses, such as the Making Of, an Original Short Film, a few trailers and a few other things to boot.

If you’re at the Expo this week, make sure you pick a copy up.

Source: Beez Blog

The London Children’s Film Festival Confirms Ponyo

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ponyoToday it’s been announced that The London Children’s Film Festival is back for the fifth consecutive year in a row and will be bigger and better than ever before. With literally some of the biggest names in Children’s television and the biggest kids film to be released next year – Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea due for showing.

With special events such as [Tim] Burton’s bedtime stories – Pyjama Party, Inside the world or Merlin (BBC show) and a Q&A with Frank Cottrell Boyce about the TV adaptation of his book Framed.

As mentioned, Ponyo will be making an appearance and so will Mai Mai Miracle and Snow Prince.

So between the 21-29 November, these events will be taking place. For even more information, check out their site here.

DVD Releases This Week

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devil-may-cryThis week, along with most, there’s a number of DVDs out on the market that are available for you to buy right now. This week there are only a couple of DVDs, unlike most weeks when we are given a huge selection to choose from. Fortunately this week’s selection is of a very high quality. The three DVDs available this week are:

  • Devil May Cry – Blu Ray
  • Devil May Cry – Standard DVD
  • X – Volume 1

As always, these DVDs are available through all good retailers.

TOKYOPOP’s October Releases

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tokyopop_logoEvery third Monday of the month, the lovely TOKYOPOP unleashes it’s latest manga and graphic novels to the UK market, for us to read and enjoy and then reread next month as well. This month is no different, and the October releases are as follows:

  • Domo Volume 1
  • PeaceMaker Kurogane Volume 1
  • Samurai Harem – Asu no Yoichi Volume 2
  • Phantom Dream Volume 3
  • Togainu no Chi Volume 3
  • Warcraft Legends Volume 5
  • Bizenghast Volume 6
  • Gatcha Gacha Volume 7
  • Kare Kano Volume 10
  • D.N. Angel Volume 12
  • Sgt Frog Volume 17
  • GOTH Novel Volume 1
  • Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition Volume 3

All of these volumes are out today in all good retailers.

Beez at the MCM London Expo

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beezBeez Enterainment have announced that there’s a number of changes happening at the London Expo for them this year. The first is actually where they are going to be, rather than theri usual block they’ve joined forces with their parent company Bandai, so they will be at the Namco Bandai Partner’s area right next to the gaming area.

The biggest points for Beez this year are summarised below:

In conjunction with London MCM Expo we are proud to bring you two of the best creative minds from Japan – the President of Studio BONES and Producer of Sword of the Stranger – Masahiko Minami and the Director of Sword of the Stranger – Masahiro Ando.

Signings from both guests will occur on the Beez stand once on the Saturday (11:00-12:00) doing a second signing each day too while Mr Minami signs on the Manga stand (Saturday: 16:00-16:30 approximately for Ando-san on Beez stand and 16:30-17:30 for Minami-san on the Manga stand Sunday: Ando-san on Beez stand at 13:00-13:45 and Minami-san on Manga stand at 14:00-14:45__)!

There will be both a Studio BONES panel held by Minami-san and a Sword of the Stranger panel looking at how feature length animes are made.

We’ll be holding some giveaways in conjunction with the Namco Bandai Partners as part of their Iron Fist Tournament over at the Tekken stand across from Beez/NBP’s block.

In another amazing giveaway we will be including one full-priced Beez DVD from our back catalog (sorry no Gurren Lagann’s!) in just over 3000 of the goodie bags going out to early arrivers at London Expo in October. So best get there early to get in on it – which one will you end up getting?

Plus – looking to do your Christmas shopping early? Well we’ll be selling most of our remaining titles for 2009 at Expo including:

– Sword of the Stranger (2-DVD edition)
– Cowboy Bebop Remix set (6 DVDs)
– Code Geass Part 1 (3 DVDs)
– Code Geass Part 2 (3 DVDs)

All will be going for discounted prices (you guys know the rough pricings already, think half-way between the Gurren LE and RE prices at Expo in May for Bebop + Geass sets and far less for SotS, in limited quantity though so best come get them while you can!

So if you’re going, make sure you swing by and say Hi to Andrew and the team!

Beez Needs Your Help!

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beezBeez Entertainment will be working alongside the Bandai Channel during the London Expo and a little afterwards online to ask some basic questions around a secret and upcoming project from the company. As a way of saying thank you, Beez will enter all people who answer their survey in a question where you may win:

1 x Signed Gurren Lagann artbook and pencilboard by the Japanese voice actress of Yoko from Gurren Lagann

2 x Sword of the Stranger movie

Prize winners will be selected at random and will be emailed after the survey’s processing is complete (we’ll also post when we’ve drawn the winners too)!

To take part all you have to do is come to the Beez stand, we’ll have it set up there, ask one of the staff otherwise for details about it and they’ll direct you to where it is!

X Clips

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x-anime-volume-1On Monday, MVM Entertainment’s latest series, X is out to buy on DVD. X The Series Volume 1 is a brilliantly animated series, that according to all of the press releases has a very strong stance of characterisation. To keep on everyone on tenterhooks, here are a few clips to enjoy:

Calling All Cosplayers!

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new_moshi_logoA London based Japanese restaurant are in need of help and the only people who can help them are cosplayers. Moshi Moshi, the aforementioned Japanese restaurant, requires 100 or so people to help them out with a promotion.

Calling all cosplayers! London-based Japanese restaurant, Moshi Moshi, is planning a flash-mob style promotion in Liverpool Street station and is looking for 100 cosplayers to take part.

Everyone taking part will be rewarded with tickets to a cosplay party at the restaurant on the evening of Saturday 7th November, including free buffet style food and drink!

What do the cosplayers have do?
It’s easy! You just have to walk around Liverpool Street station in groups of 2 or 3 and ask members of the public ‘Where’s Moshi Moshi restaurant?’

There will be two sessions on Friday 6th November, from 12 – 2:30pm, and 5 – 7:30pm; and one session on Saturday 7th November from 2:30 – 5pm. We’ll meet at the restaurant 45min before, for a briefing on what to do.

If you’re interested, all you need to do is e-mail: info@moshimoshi.co.uk, with your name, age and picture of yourself and when you’re available.

Note: You must be 16 years and over to attend, and IDs will be required as alcohol for the over 18s will be available.

UK Anime Closing Down

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uk-anime-siteAlthough this announcement is a little old now, in fact, I can’t believe that I’ve missed this announcement!

One of the oldest UK Anime News and Reviews websites on the internet decided as of the 7th October, 2009, to discontinue with updates, this website is UK Anime. For many years UK Anime has existed as a source of news and reviews for many fans across the UK and Ireland for fair, unbiased and interesting news and reviews.

Chris, the owner, has cited many reasons for deciding to retire his site:

There are numerous reasons for me doing so but ultimately the chief reason is not being able to fairly dedicate the time now needed to cover the UK industry. My spare time has decreased whilst the amount of anime I need to watch to keep up just continues to increase. It’s not fair on the companies who have been so great in helping me all these years and ultimately a news sites that only rarely updates isn’t something that will cause readers to flock to it.

Fortunately the site will stay alive as an archive, but for now, it’s formally closed. A sad day for the UK Anime Internet Community indeed.

Anime at Collectormania

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narutoThe Anime League are a group of people trying to push anime, manga and Japanese culture in more events around the UK. To keep up the momentum of the popular London Film and Comic Con this year, the Anime League in conjunction with Showmasters are pushing some of our favourite shows and mediums at the Collectormania event in London this November.

“As usual for a Showmasters event, there will be dozens of star-guests including Dave Prowse (Darth Vader), Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger) and John Barrowman (Captain Jack). Starring for anime and manga will be Steve Blum; well known for his voice-acting on over one hundred animated shows and video games including Orochimaru from Naruto, Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop and Vincent Valentine from Advent Children! As for Video Gaming – from Tomb Raider to Halo to Metal Gear Solid; he’s voiced in pretty much everything there is! A real must for gaming fans!

Finally, even more exciting news for Cosplayers! The Cosplay Zone will not only have talks and contests, but will also be offering tables for cosplayers to sell their work! If you are a up and coming Cosplay costume designer or maker and want to offer your services to other fans that cannot do what you can do, then this is for you! A 6ft table costs just £45 which includes a velcro-friendly wall to place art-work up on and a manikin torso to put an outfit on to help display your work! The price also includes two dealers passes for the show. If you are interested in signing up, please email info@showmastersonline.com!”

28 November 2009 – 0900-1800
29 November 2009 – 0900-1700

Earls Court
Hammersmith Road
W14 8UX

Before 1100 – £5
Post 1100 – £10

Under 12, then it’s just £3.

Desert Punk Volume 2

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As good as the first?

Desert Punk Volume 2

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In the post apocalyptic wastelands that remain after a huge disaster on the planet Earth, most of the population has been wiped out. With only the few people who remain living in deserts and ruins trying to forge out a new life with what little they have, it doesn’t take long before people try and make money in and way that they can. Although greenery might be a thing of the past, the ruthless thrill of money making is a strong as ever.

We find our anti-hero after a series of unfortunate events in Volume 1 trying to restore his battered reputation. Desert Punk was once the very best missionary that money could buy, but unfortunately for him a number of bad jobs has left that once shining reputation in tatters. To try and get some cash together to try and repay his lost jobs, Desert Punk takes on an easy job – looking after villagers. This episode is a vague and frankly somewhat poor attempt at a parody of The Magnificent Seven and the Seven Samurai rolled into one. Although this would’ve been better if it had not tried to pay homage to these over done stories.


Fortunately the successive episodes take the rest of this volume to better places. Kanta is forced to take on an apprentice, although he would rather of had an older women with plenty of cleavage for him to admire. His apprentice is actually the apprentice of the sniper who tried to kill him in an earlier episode. Fortunately for this apprentice, she is a clever being and blackmails Kanta into accepting her by what she’ll look like when she grows up. Of course this superficial attitude is not something that a parent may want to promote to their children, but in all fairness a good parent wouldn’t be letting their young children watch this type of show.

Desert Punk then kicks the humour up a gear with the next episode. Kanta and his lovely apprentice Taiko are tasked with trying to clear a cursed rock from a prominent businessman’s land. This rock has claimed the life of many-a-missionary in the past and to reclaim his once amazing reputation Kanta is determined that he will be the one to rid this businessman of this irritating cursed rock. Throughout this episode Kanta has vision of what he would love to happen and also a couple of nightmares as well. These crude dreams are well placed and are in direct contrast to the horror that Taiko is experiencing from her rational mindset.


Desert Punk Volume 2 is certainly a release of two halves. The first half of this DVD is a step away from what one might expect from the action packed first volume. Of course, the second volume of any anime is a hard one, just like that second novel is often scrutinised far more harshly than the first. However, in this case the first two episodes really do take Desert Punk in a direction that’s not necessarily where the second half was taking it.

The voice acting remains as consistent in English and it does in Japanese and although there are a few generic moments from some of the supporting cast, the main cast do a great job in English and they match the Japanese voice cast brilliantly. The animation remains as smooth and consistent as before and the washed out colours are no longer present. One big qualm is with sound quality though, be prepared to turn the volume button right up as it’s a very quiet release.


The first half of this DVD was droll, with the entire Seven Samurai plot; it makes the show feel tired and old. Of course the Seven Samurai legend is amazing, but it’s been done to death and with a basic premise (world destruction after an implied nuclear war) that’s also clichéd and overused the actual content of the show needs to be not only well above average, but delivered brilliantly to merely be passable. This is something the first two episodes do not do under any circumstance.

Fortunately the latter two episodes turn the entire DVD around and take Desert Punk back in the direction that is expected from Gonzo. They are action packed, humour inserted and appropriate and often random moments and a script quality that’s not paying homage or taking overused plots and working them into something nearly new. If it had not been for these two episodes, many would not continue with this series.