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MCM Expo Roundup of the Big Three

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Today is the first day of the London MCM Expo and as always the big three anime distributors in the country are in attendance and are announcing things left, right and centre. Unfortunately News-Anime.com are unable to attend on Saturday this year, although we may be there tomorrow depending on how things pan out.

However, UK Anime Network News have a very comprehensive list of updates as they were live at the event – live Twittering away. Below is a roundup of news from the big three:


  • Moribito, Blade of the Immortal and Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R confirmed for UK Release
  • MVM will be moving way from single disc releases in favour of 2 disc releases later in the year – which is now UK standard
  • MVM will continue to license live-action Japanese movies

Manga Entertainment

  • Eden of East will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in November
  • Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society will be on Blu-Ray before Christmas
  • Vampire Knight is likely to see a release before Christmas
  • Baccano has been confirmed as a release at some point
  • Manga are looking into picking up Kanon (assuming 2006) and Bamboo Blade.
  • Manga also admitted to being interested in One Piece and Dragonball Z to the UK but are struggling
  • Manga also advised that they are not keen on bringing Sgt. Frog to the UK, much to my personal disappointment

Beez Entertainment

  • Beez announced that they will be releasing Durarara!! which will be subs only. They will consider a re-release should dubs become available in the future.
  • Gundam 00 and Gundam Zeta movies will be released
  • Outlaw Star will be released as part of their value Anime Legends range

In interesting industry related news, due to the new Dangerous Cartoons Act, all three distributors are having to carefully consider what they pick up due to cuts enforced by the BBFC. They also discussed how sales and profits are working – 5,000 copies is a good release for Beez whilst Manga confirmed that the amazing Ouran High School Host Club have sold 15,000 copies to date.

All distributors were keen to remind fans to purchase releases legitimately and wait for releases until they hit the UK so that the profits can continue being pumped into the UK and MVM confirmed that the majority of their anime related profits go straight back to Japan. Manga also confirmed that they are interested in setting up a UK streaming site which would involve the Manga website and iTunes.

Again, we have to thank UK Anime Network News for the information listed here.

Crunchyroll to Simulcast Spellbound Magical Princess

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Spellbound Magical Princess is the latest show to hit the simulcasting internet-waves thanks to Crunchyroll. Airing one hour after the Japanese TV station TV Tokyo.

Lilpri or Spellbound Magical Princess, is based around Sega’s hit Japanese trading card game designed by Mai Jinna and is available for premium holders in high definition an hour after broadcast. For regular users it’s available in standard definition a week after airing.

Following the adventures of Ringo, Leila and Natsuki, these three classmates are able to transform into idol princesses to make the world a more magical and better place.

The series will start with a simulcast of episode 9 on the 29th May 2010 in the UK, Episodes 1-3 will also be available on the 29th with the rest of the shows becoming available shortly after. New episodes will air at midnight UK time every Sunday night/Monday morning.

Astro Boy Clips

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Yesterday E1 Entertainment were kind enough to let us all see a preview of their up and coming DVD release of Astro Boy, for those of you who didn’t see it in the cinema, it’s certainly worth the buy and for those three very lucky winners of the Astro Boy Competition, you’ll be getting your copies shortly. If anyone is in any doubt about Astro Boy, you can read the News-Anime.com review here.

MVM Entertainment at the MCM Expo

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Logo © MVM Entertainment

We’ve also just received this press release for MVM, again, it’s perfect as it is so here you go:

MVM Entertainment is very excited to be participating in the May 2010 London MCM Expo, which is being held at the Excel centre on the 29th and 30th May. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open as there will be plenty of news and excitement for fans about upcoming new releases!

Come visit the MVM stand where all of the box sets and DVDs will be discounted so you’ll be sure to pick up a decent bargain. If cash is short then fear not for the bargains are very affordable for even the smallest of pockets!

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the news you can look forward to at the weekend…

  • An early chance to purchase the new collections for Disgaea and Gunparade March which will be officially out on the 7th June so you can be the envy of your fellow anime friends by having them before anyone else!
  • Add to that list the new series of Mahoromatic Something More Beautiful – Volume 1 which will also be available to purchase nice and early.
  • MVM have been coming up trumps recently with their popular Asian Cinema releases and if you haven’t got onboard yet there is still a chance with Samurai Zombie, due out on the 19th July. It has enough gore, samurai’s and… zombies to keep you entertained!
  • Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten the all-important anime! Rozen Maiden Traumend is due out on the 5th July and Pet Shop Of Horrors will be out on the 2nd August.
  • Finally… you must want to hear about all the new licences that have been picked up? Well the following can be confirmed: Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit, Balde of the Immortal, Slayers Revolution and Slayers Evolution-R. Don’t forget that there will be plenty more announced at the Expo!

Make sure you don’t miss out this Bank Holiday!

Manga Entertainment and the MCM Expo

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Logo © Manga Entertainment

We recently received the below press release from Manga Entertainment, as it’s so perfectly written, here it is in full:

Manga Entertainment are very excited to be participating in the May 2010 London MCM Expo, which is being held at the Excel centre on the 29th and 30th May. As always Manga will be making sure that your Bank Holiday weekend gets off to the best start with plenty of news and excitement for fans about upcoming new releases!

Also come visit the Manga stand with 50% off most DVDs, DVD box sets and Blu-ray releases as well the bargain-licious £1 Manga Shop! You will also be able to satisfy your manga books and comics cravings as VIZ Media will be joining the stand.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the news you can look forward to at the weekend…

  • An early chance to purchase the beautiful and mesmerising Sky Crawlers on DVD and Blu-ray which will be officially out on the following Monday, 31st May. Check out the latest Oshii classic that has been driving the critics crazy!
  • You will also be able to catch the DVD launch of new anime series Soul Eater Part One (due out on DVD on 28th June) and also the “grown-up” Naruto Shippuden Box Set 1 (out 14th June.)
  • Manga are also proud to announce that anime classic Full Metal Alchemist is making a come back! Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Part One is due out on DVD and… Blu-ray! Put 23rd August in your diaries for this one…
  • That’s not all. Keep your ears open for more Funimation titles to be announced!
  • Finally… like the Professor Layton games? Make sure you hot-foot it over in time to see a sneak peak of Professor Layton And The Eternal Diva which promises to be one of the biggest hits this year just like the games. We’ve told you too much already!

DVD Releases This Week

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As with every Monday there are a number of releases, this Monday is no different with without any further adue, here’s what we’re getting this week:

  • Afro Samurai Complete Murder Sessions Directors Cut – Standard Definition
  • Afro Samurai Complete Murder Sessions Directors Cut – Blu Ray
  • Anime Legends: The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

So that’s a lot of decent anime for you all to go out and buy, now of course Haruhi has already been released, but this time it’s much cheaper so get  your socks over to Amazon or hmv and get buying.

Giant Killing Picked Up By Crunchyroll

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Crunchyroll recently announced that their latest show will be the hit manga by Masaya Tsunmato and Tsujitomo – Giant Killing. Giant Killing will be simulcast in both Japan and on Crunchyroll and is available to stream in both the UK and in Ireland.

Giant Killing follows the story of East Tokyo United (ETU) and their legendary former football player Takeshi Tatsumi. After abandoning the team to make it in the big leagues of Europe, he returns and tries to restore his old team to their former glory.

This show will be available to watch every Sunday and there will be a slight delay for non Anime Members of the site, but it’s certainly quicker than a DVD release

DVD Releases This Week

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Ah My Goddess Volume 2 Copyright Manga Entertainment

It’s Monday, it’s 9 o’clock and that’s time for the latest anime DVD releases to hit the UK shops. This week there’s a very meagre amount for us to choose from and this is something that hits us every now and again, this time around the single volume to choose from is:

Next week doesn’t look much better either…

Terratag Spring Special Offer

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Terratag is one of the UK’s premier anime clothing retailers, with a diverse range of clothes with anime and non-anime themes their clothes are often spotted in various places in the world, Hollyoaks and many stars as well.

Every so often they create a brand new range of clothing and as with most major outlets they need to clear some stock so that they are able to get their new ranges of clothes out.

That means that there are 58 t-shirts and designs with up to 50% off of the normal price and for all orders over £30GBP you will also be sent a poster worth £10GBP as a nice little extra.

There’s no end date in sight for this offer, but buy up fast as it’s only available whilst stocks last.

You can view their website here.

Astro Boy

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Astro Boy flies straight into your collection.

Astro Boy

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Several hundred years into the future Metro City, a land filled with riches and intelligence, decided it was time to break free from the rest of the world. A world that had become so full of pollution that the dwellers of Metro City simply couldn’t cope with it anymore, so they affixed rockets to the belly of Mt Sufion and took to the skies. A number of years later the father of modern robotics, Dr Bill Tenma, is working on a new range of robots to help the prosperous, tidy and what appears to be somewhat green Metro City continue to be a great land when his equally brilliant son, Toby follows him into his laboratory.

What happens next is every parent’s worst nightmare; Toby is killed violently by a robot with an unstable core. Grief does strange things to people and Bill opted to recreate his son rather than cope with the passing of his only child. He does this by creating the most lifelike and advanced robot ever made. To make his son even more real, Bill takes a hair from the only item of Toby’s that wasn’t vaporised – his hat – and clones his memories and uploads them into his latest bit of kit.

Any fantasy and sci-fi fan can tell you that clones, even clones that are robots, aren’t the same as the original person and if only someone had told Bill this – as before long he realises that he can’t stand Toby. Toby overhears this and manages to fly away from his father after a slight row and then is found by the President of Metro City. The President is after Toby due to his power source, the rare blue core and he thinks it will help him secure re-election. Toby is blasted by the President’s goons and he falls out of the sky and lands on the Earth’s surface. Before long he is taken in by the locals under the new name of Astro and has to deal with the complex situation of everyone thinking he’s human when he isn’t. Of course, it doesn’t take long for his secret to become known and then as it becomes known he has to battle to save not just Metro City but the entire world.

Of course, Astro Boy isn’t a direct and faithful manga-to-film transition, more of a reimagining of some of the key points from Tezuka’s 1952 work. Yet, due to this, the film manages to charm and play with what was current nearly sixty years ago and make the storyline fit into the modern day with relative ease. As this is a child’s film, the storyline is somewhat simplistic; however, the character development throughout the film is easily viewable. From Bill learning how to cope with his child’s death, to his abandonment of his reborn child to accepting him again towards the end of the film, it’s clear that the producers of Astro Boy are intent on drawing as many emotions out of its audience as possible. All of the primary characters have depth, from Toby/Astro to Astrid and the majority of the other characters in between; there are backstories to be told for each of the characters which are merely hinted at in the most meagre of ways. To a child these subtleties are well hidden, but to the adult watcher it gives the film more depth and creates a much more enjoyable viewing experience.

Naturally there are characters that are good and those that are evil and due to the way the characters are portrayed it’s very easy to get behind the protagonists and enjoy hating characters that really do deserve it. The President it one such character and although it’s very tongue in cheek, it could easily be referenced to the recent elections in the UK, where politicians will do anything that they can to remain in power. Astro Boy also opens up questions about humanity itself – is a robot with a human mind a human or a robot? This sort of question isn’t something that a viewer would expect from a shallow, Japanese action, kids film. Fortunately at no point is Astro Boy a shallow film, it touches on many elements of daily life, from fitting in with your peers to discrimination and back again. These themes are masterfully dealt with and a child will see very little of this and what they do see will be considered normal to them. It’s from an adult’s eye where this film truly comes to life.

Astro Boy is also a joy to watch, it’s CGI animation suits it down to the ground, with smooth animation and crisp corners there’s none of the “cheap” animation that’s often seen in budget shows. As the film is entirely CGI, apart from a few opening credits, the film falls straight into the Finding Nemo and Wall-E bracket of animation style, except slightly more generic. This would be fine for a standard Nickelodeon film; however, Astro Boy has more of a storyline and much more potential, therefore the inoffensive style is trying too hard to remove itself from its Japanese routes and thus removing part of the soul of the film. Fortunately the great voice acting cast manages to add a lot of soul back to the film. From the likes of Nicholas Cage, Matt Lucas and Kristen Bell, the acting is first class with no overdone moments or poignant moments that fall flat. To put it very simply, Astro Boy is a perfect family film and executed brilliantly.

Win a Copy of Astro Boy on DVD

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To celebrate the release of Astro Boy on DVD, E1 Entertainment have been kind enough to offer the readers of News-Anime.com a chance to win one of three Astro Boy DVDs and goodie-bags.

All you need to do is answer the following question:

Astro Boy the movie was released in Japan in what year?

A) 2008
B) 2009
C) 2010

If you think you know, then head on over to our competition page by clicking here to enter.

The competition winners will be selected on the 24th May and all entries must be submitted on or before the 23rd May.

Good luck!

DVD Releases This Week

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Ouran High School Host Club Members

Yeah, it’s Monday. The prospect of the end to the hung parliament may be in sight and frankly it’s just not as important as this week’s anime release…. well, that’s a slight exaggeration but something’s got to take our minds off of it. This week there is only one new series being released and that series is:

Now of course, this series has already been released in two box-sets, but if you’ve not already got the two single releases this anime is well worth the buy. We reviewed the two single releases and you can see the reviews here and here.

Astro Boy Release Date Confirmed

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Copyright E1 Entertainment

It has recently been confirmed by E1 Entertainment, that the CGI version of Astro Boy, which was on general release in the UK earlier on in the year, will have a DVD release date of the 31st May 2010. Astro Boy will have a standard definition and a Blu-Ray version release of the same day and it’s perfect timing for the half-term holidays in the UK.

Astro Boy features the voices of Nicholas Cage, Freddie Highmore, Kristen Bell and Charlize Theron and the story centres around a young boy who’s father is one of the best scientific minds of the day. Unfortunately, his son is in love with science as well and sneaks into one of his experiments that goes horribly wrong and leaves his father grief stricken. In an attempt to pacify his greif he brings his son back to life as a robot only to discover that it’s not the same person and turns his back on him. Astro Boy is then left feeling dejected and turns his back on the world he knows to only find out that he really loves it in the end.

Astro Boy is a great film and is a perfect for all of the family.

Code Geass Gets Cut

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Copyright Beez Entertainment

Code Geass is an eagerly anticipated anime which is going to be released by Beez Entertainment and has recently been delayed slightly due to the BBFC. What was not confirmed at the time was why this delay was occurring, it has now come to light thanks to the eagle eyed work of Sheentaku and UK Anime News Network that the BBFC have demanded a 1 second cut to Episode 10 of the UK edition of Code Geass.

The justification of this removal from the BBFC is as follows:

Company [Beez Entertainment] was required to remove a shot likely to encourage an interest in underage sexual activity (in this case a young girl in the background of a shot suggesting sexual activity). Cut made in accordance with BBFC Guidelines, policy and the Video Recordings Act 1984.

Beez Entertainment have made this cut and have agreed to the terms of what the BBFC have advised. However, it has since come to light that this cut is far less than one second and is likely only to be a single frame. The offending frame has been confirmed by Andrew Partridge, the UK representative of Beez Entertainment as:

…what was cut was one second and was a static image on Anya’s phone in a scene. It’s not integral to the plot and we’re as annoyed as you are as it delays the release a little!

On the Anime UK News forums.

Thanks to the joys of the internet, the offending image has now surfaced and can be found here. This cut is causing a bit of a stir on the many UK based anime forums in relation to censorship.

The BBFC’s website has full information regarding the cut here.

Source: UK Anime News Network and Anime UK News