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Staff Openings

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News-Anime.com is a fast paced, growing website that now needs some additional hands to make things work. We are looking for the following positions to be filled by enthusiastic volunteer workers who have a love for anime and is prepared to give up a little bit of their time every day to write about what they love. We need:

  • News Writers
  • Article Writers (feature articles about anime/manga/UK scene)
  • Bloggers
  • Review Writers (review copies will be provided; however, you must either be over 18 or have the express written consent of your parents as we will be posting DVDs to you)

Everyone will need to be able to write in good, clear English, be able to take criticism well and be able to dedicate their time to keeping News-Anime.com up to date, whilst working under myself and Arctic Zora – our other staffer here.

Benefits? Well, we can’t pay you any cash for this role as we’re not making profits at the moment, but you will be able to keep the review copies we pass on to you and we will be able to get you into most Anime events in the country as a member of the press.

Do you want to work for us but have a different idea that we don’t currently have a position for? That’s fine – just e-mail us and we’ll take a look at your idea and see if we can place it into the growing News-Anime.com family.

BFI to Host Anime Lecture and Screen GitS

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The British Film Institute is well known for it’s diverse range of cinema, as it rightly should be. This diversification of film is not limited to live action, but also includes anime. On the 11th July 2010 at 1800 there’s a lecture about anime being delivered at this year’s BFI.

The Anime Machine: An Illustrated Lecture by Thomas Lamarre will explore how Japanese animation differs from other media, by looking at technology and philosophy.

This will be shown alongside Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence and will be priced at a joint ticket of £12.90.

You can click here to book tickets and find out more information.

DVD Releases This Week

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It’s Monday! It’s too hot and we all want to be able to go to bed without thinking about waking up every couple of hours due to the heat. Well, this week doesn’t look like it’s due to get any better so to keep you entertained during the awake hours in the night, there are a number of good releases out today. There are three new releases this week and they are:

  • Soul Eater Part 1
  • Code Geass R2 Box 1
  • .hack//Roots (Anime Legends)

You can buy these DVDs through all good retailers effective immediately.

DVD Releases This Week

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It’s Monday! With Monday’s comes new anime DVDs, this week there really isn’t much to choose from. However, the one choice that we have is an amazing anime that needs to be purchased by all, this anime is:

  • Soul Eater Part One

You can purchase this DVD from every major retailer immediately.

Naruto Shippuden First Day Sales Revealed

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Anime is a dodgy business in the UK, with DVD sales rarely reaching four figures in it’s entire life-cycle let along reaching five figures in it’s life-cycle; however, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Naturally Ghibli is the first exception, other than that, well Manga Entertainment seem to have the rights to them.

One such right is the Naruto series – Manga Entertainment recently confirmed via Twitter that in one day alone Naruto Shippuden Box 1 sold 1330 copies.

Who knows the total series’ figures, but based on those sales it’s safe to assume that Manga are making an awful lot from the Naruto series.

Source: Twitter

Pwanda to Return at LondonAnimeCon

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Dimensional Manga is returning to the convention circuit this month on the 26th June. Dimensional Manga is the force behind the Pwanda series and will expand it’s current range of books and merchandise around this franchise with a whole new Pwanda experience.

For the first time, Pwanda will expand into the children’s market with Playtime with Pwanda and new more grown-up titles will include Samurai-Pwanda, Mech-Pilot Pwanda and Pirate Pwanda.

All of these mangas will be available directly from our affiliate, Toymation exclusively on the 26th June at the LondonAnimeCon.

Crunchyroll to Simulcast Bleach

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The worldwide entertainment phenomenon, Bleach, is distributed on DVD in the UK by Manga Entertainment and is one of the corner stones of their release schedule.

However, recently Crunchyroll announced that they will be streaming Bleach online to almost all regions as a simulcast from when the Japanese episodes are released in Standard Definition.

Crunchyroll CEO Kun Gao said: “BLEACH is one of the most popular titles of all time, and while it has already been licensed in North America, we are proud to bring BLEACH to all fans of anime within one hour of Japan TV broadcast. With BLEACH and our expanding licensing partnerships with TV TOKYO, Shueisha, and Pierrot, we have solidified our network as the most attractive destination online for fans of Japanese anime in the United States and the English-speaking world. Fans can enjoy the best in anime such as BLEACH and Naruto Shippuden through Crunchyroll.com, our iPhone app, set top box applications, our thousands of embedding affiliates partner sites, and now our new iPad application. It’s a historic time to be an anime fan, and we are proud to help pioneer the future of the anime viewing experience with our Japanese partners.”

The latest simulcast episode 274 will be available to premium viewers. Tentatively on June 15th, episodes 266 to 274 will be free for all viewers, with the simulcast of episode 275 available to premium members. Thereafter, new episodes will be added at 2:30am PST every Tuesday, with simulcasts available for premium members and the previous week’s episode being available to all viewers. Catch up of older episodes are planned and additional info will be provided at a later date.