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Being an anime and manga fan in the UK can be tough. We face a considerable delay in getting our anime from Japan due to it going via the USA first, we don’t have any major merchandise distributors so very rarely will anything outside of Dragonball Z appear in the shops and music, well, that just doesn’t happen. So if you’re looking to buy your best friend or yourself a present you’re going to struggle to find anything of real consequence. However, not all is lost! Below are a number of sites broken down by categories for you to browse.

Do you own a website or shop and you’re not listed? Let us know by contacting us!

  • Anime League - The Anime League is a large organisation that groups together lots of smaller clubs and conventions and tries to promote anime and manga in the country.
  • Anime News Network - Well, it has to appear on any anime site list. The largest anime and manga site around and although the UK news is very sparse it's a great resource.
  • Anime UK News - A partner site, and another older anime news and reviews site, a great source for UK reviews and news with a very active forum.
  • Animetion - A UK based anime news and reviews site, not the most quickly updated but a great resource.
  • Eye On Anime - Not that frequently updated, but a great resource with a semi-active forum.
  • Manga UK Blog - The official blog of Manga Entertainment.
  • UK Anime Network - One of the oldest and best trusted UK based anime sites. Check them out for daily updates and frequent reviews.
  • Anime On Line - Owned by MVM Entertainment, Anime On Line is where they started it all and it's still a very large and expansive site.
  • AnimeZ - A real shop and online store, based in Newcastle with a specialism in gashapon, trading figures and trading cards.
  • D7AM.com - D7AM is a new anime store with a promising future, offering everything from anime through to DVDs.
  • Eye On Asia - Eye on Asia has a ton of great goods, lots of anime and manga products.
  • Genki Gear - A online retailer of clothing goods, most of them aren't "anime" but are eastern influenced and very good.
  • Keep It Secret - Keep It Secret is a website that sells food! There's a few Ghibli branded foods and the famous Moomin biscuits as well.
  • Neon Martian - A new website that's been moving into the anime market for a while now, very tidy and has a decent range of stock.
  • Otaku.co.uk - A specialist DVD R1 import store.
  • Sheffield Space Centre - A long established website with over ten years experience, a ton of anime, manga, Japanese and sci-fi products.
  • Tokyo Toys - With a store based in London and a large online site, Tokyo Toys has got a ton of products from DVDs to clothes and merchandise to offer to everyone.
  • Toymation - Our partner site offers a ton of anime products, not so much from the DVD market but a lot more specialist items and very rare products as well.
  • United Publications - A huge DVD site that specialists in R1 imports from the UK.