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A.D. Vision (ADV) Officially Closes Down

by - on the 4 September, 2009 at 7.55 pm

advIt’s recently been confirmed that A.D. Vision, the parent company of the troubled ADV Films has officially closed down after handing it’s assets to several other companies that are planning on continuting it’s operations. AEsir Holdings have all of ADV’s film library along with other IP and Section 23 Films will assume the distribution operations for AEsir Holdings.

Whilst Valkyrie Media Partners has acquired 100% of the Anime Network TV unit and Seraphim Studios has taken control of ADV’s Amustment Park Media produciton unit.

These new companies are all based in Houston, Texas, where ADV was originally based and the new companies are all filed under the fomer Senior Vice President of Business and Legal Affiars, Griffin D. Vance IV.

Currently the impact of these new companies and transfers of rights to the UK market is unknown.

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