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ALCL To Expand to a Convention

by - on the 10 March, 2010 at 11.43 am

It was recently announced that the Anime League’s Animeleague Club London, otherwise known as the ALCL has been expanded from a regular meet to a full blown Anime Convention. This years ALCL will be a convention for over 900 people and will run for literally 12 hours.


Where: Saturday June 26th
When: The Rocket Complex, London Metropolitian University
Age?: 18 years and up
Price: £6 for early bookers, £8 on the door and £5 on the door after 1900 hrs

Watch Anime, Play Video Games, Show off your Artwork/chill with artists in the Artist Alley, dress up and enter our Cosplay Events, buy Anime & Manga from our dealers room, enter events like our DDR Tournament and pub quiz, learn Japanese Culture, and party away all night! In the evening we also have a cosplay ball! Entry to the ball is included as part of your ALCL ticket!

The convention will feature: Cosplay Auction, Yu Gi Oh Tournament, Pub Quiz, Cosplay Masquerade, DDR Tournament, Dub That Anime, Artists Showcase, AMV Showings, Cosplay Showdown, SIX Video Gaming tournaments, Japanese Culture Talks, Manga Workshop, Cosplay Ball, Cosplay Picnic, exposure to some of the best manga artists in the country, tons of videogames and much more to come.

So remember, that’s the 26th June 2010. You can pre-register and find out more information at the ALCL official website here.

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