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Alcon 2009 Dates Announced

by - on the 25 January, 2009 at 12.43 pm

alcon-09Today it was announced that Alcon 09 has officially been dated for the 4-6 September 2009 at the De Monfort University in Leicester. As with most anime conventions, Alcon is a place for like-minded fans to enjoy themselves without the stigma of the usual world – along with the fun and wacky things that occur at all conventions.

The event will include plenty of anime screenings, an artist ally, roleplaying, card games, videogaming, cosplay café, DDring, events, plenty of panels and a little more for to keep everyone entertained.

An exclusive this year is that Little Kuriboh will be hosting one of the panels about the hit internet series: Yu Gi Oh Abridged and Akemi Solloway will be back to enlighten all about the Japanese culture – so there’s plenty of time to get learning in advance.

Entry to the event costs just £25 for all three days and accommodation is £21 per person per night. This is an early booking offer, as after the 30th April prices will change. There is also a 500 person limit, so make sure you sign up early if you are interested.

You can register at Alcon’s site, by clicking here.

Source: Alcon 09

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