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Anime Article in the Guardian

by - on the 15 June, 2009 at 4.54 pm

howls_moving_castleUpon looking at the new Manga Entertainment Twitter feed, that is now available for everyone to look at on our sidebar thanks to the marvel of RSS, I discovered an article in the Guardian about Anime and why it’s invisible on British TV. The article itself is somewhat interesting, it goes into a fair amount of depth about why the there’s no anime on the TV; however, it does lack a few crucial elements before it should really have gone live on the website.

These elements were further interviews with people from the industry, such as the head of Anime Central, the doomed anime channel that was Sky only, the head of any of the main anime distributors in the UK such as Manga, MVM or Beez (who aren’t exactly hard to get hold of) or some of the other influential people in the industry. Of course, they choose to quote Jonathan Clements as after all, he’s one of the leading anime experts in the industry, but any of the fans in the industry could give detailed reasons why anime isn’t available on British TV. That’s without even mentioning the fact that it’s “weird, sexual and violent” and we could easily focus on the fact that it’s mostly due to the fact that anime that’s hit the TV is Pok√©mon or Naruto, even I touched upon this in the last issue of Jade Screen Magazine.

However, even so, it’s important that the article appeared in the mainstream news as it’s more information to the masses about the brilliance that is anime. You can see the article here.

Source: Manga Twitter Feed

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