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Anime retail releases – 13/01/13

by - on the 13 January, 2014 at 9.00 am

Nisemonogatari Part 2 PackshotSo getting back to the good old release schedules. This week’s anime release schedule is on the low side, but then it is only the second full week of anime retail releases for the year and let’s face it, no one has any money at this point in the month after Christmas anyway.

So the two releases this week are…

From our friends over at MVM Films. We’re technically seeing one show released, but on both Blu Ray and standard DVD. The show in question is Nisemonogatari Part 2 and will be available to purchase as of today.


Title: Nisemonogatari Part 2
Certificate: 18
Formats: Blu Ray and DVD

It’s officially marketed on Amazon.co.uk as:

While Karen Araragi (voice of Eri Kitamura) has recovered after being poisoned, her sister Tsukihi (Yuka Iguchi) faces her own troubles. But people are beginning to grow suspicious of the girls’ supernatural abilities and their brother, Koyomi (Hiroshi Kamiya), does what he can to protect them.

RRP DVD: £19.99
RRP Blu Ray: £24.99
Amazon.co.uk DVD – £12.96 – click here to purchase
Amazon.co.uk Blu Ray – £14.78 – click here to purchase

Anime On Line DVD – £14.99 – click here to purchase
Anime On Line Blu Ray – £18.74 – click here to purchase

For those who aren’t sure, here’s an untranslated trailer:

So that’s it for this week. Have you preordered or just bought this show? Let us know in the comments.

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