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Astro Boy Release Date Confirmed

by - on the 9 May, 2010 at 10.55 am

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It has recently been confirmed by E1 Entertainment, that the CGI version of Astro Boy, which was on general release in the UK earlier on in the year, will have a DVD release date of the 31st May 2010. Astro Boy will have a standard definition and a Blu-Ray version release of the same day and it’s perfect timing for the half-term holidays in the UK.

Astro Boy features the voices of Nicholas Cage, Freddie Highmore, Kristen Bell and Charlize Theron and the story centres around a young boy who’s father is one of the best scientific minds of the day. Unfortunately, his son is in love with science as well and sneaks into one of his experiments that goes horribly wrong and leaves his father grief stricken. In an attempt to pacify his greif he brings his son back to life as a robot only to discover that it’s not the same person and turns his back on him. Astro Boy is then left feeling dejected and turns his back on the world he knows to only find out that he really loves it in the end.

Astro Boy is a great film and is a perfect for all of the family.

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