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Avatar The Last Airbender Trailer

by - on the 23 June, 2009 at 12.19 pm

avatar2Many would argue that Avatar: The Last Airbender is not an anime as it was not created in Japan, by Japanese people. I recently wrote my thoughts about this in the latest edition of Jade Screen, which I urge you all to get as it’s got lots of interesting interviews about Asian Cinema in general and not just my musings. However, I digress, Avatar may not be an anime, but it’s one that was certainly inspired by the animation style and the level of substance that the top animes have.

More importantly though the official trailer of the up and coming Avatar The Last Airbender movie was released, which you can see below. From the looks of things this movie is being fairly faithful to the original Nickelodeon cartoons, and is much more faithful that the Dragoball movie…

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  • im still waiting for the movie to be in theater! geez im excited how the actor will act as ang!