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Barbican Confirms Additional Ponyo Screenings and Evangelion 1.0

by - on the 21 November, 2009 at 1.53 pm

By their own words, the Barbican is “The Barbican Centre is the largest multi-arts centre in Europe, featuring art, film, music, theatre, dance and education all under one roof and under one creative direction.”. As such they are well known for being a bit more diverse than the average cinema and arts centre and this year we have reported multiple times about their extensive anime and asian film viewings.

Luther to this, Barbican announced on Thursday that the Studio Ghibli feature film, Ponyo will be getting additional viewings due to public demand and very happily they are also planning and confirming a few events for early 2010 as well.

“The greatest living film animator and storyteller, Hayao Miyazaki transforms The Little Mermaid fairytale into Ponyo, a magical and universal cinema experience that shines so bright all else seems grey. Ponyo is a little goldfish with a girl’s face who escapes the underwater home of her sorcerer father to explore the surface. She is discovered by Sosuke, a 5-year-old boy living on the top of a cliff by the sea. As Ponyo grows closer to Sosuke, her desire to become fully human strengthens. Screening in the original Japanese language version with English subtitles.”

21st November – 1100
29th November – 1730

Two additional screenings are being held on the below dates that are subtitle only screenings.

26th November – 1800
28th November – 1730

Mai Mai Miracle
mai mai miracle
“Adapted from Nobuko Takagi’s autobiographical novel, Mai Mai Miracle is a magical time-travelling adventure. Set in a town in the southwest of Japan in 1955 where nine-year-old Shinko and her new school friend Kiiko share a love of history. When they discover Shinko has an ancient family link to a legendary Japanese province, their imaginations take over and they explore a world which existed a thousand years before. Is it possible for daydreams to become reality?”

26th November – before 1800

Mai Mai Miracle will be shown before Ponyo on the 26th November and will be introduced by the co-author of the legendary Anime Encyclopaedia – Helen McCarthy.

Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone
Evangelion 1 0 You Are Not Alone
“Shinji Ikari is sent for by his estranged father, Gendo at the beginning of the film. As he wanders around the town, which has been shut down over an emergency announcement, he is caught in the crossfire between the U.N. army and the fourth Angel. Rescued by Lt. Colonel Misato Katsuragi, Shinji is brought to Tokyo-3 and NERV headquarters, where he is pressured by Gendo, NERV’s Supreme Commander, into piloting the Evangelion Unit-01 against the Angel because the other Evangelion pilot, the mysterious Rei Ayanami, is too injured to do so. After the initial fight, Shinji is taken in by Misato as her new housemate and enrolled in middle school. The film portrays Shinji’s attempts to “settle in” with his newfound life alongside Misato, Rei, and the other characters while continuing to defend Tokyo-3 and the world from the coming Angels.” – Thanks Wikipedia

26th January – 2030

On top of the above confirmed dates, we should also expect to see  Astro Boy and The Sky Crawlers in the early months of 2010.

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