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Barbican To Continue Japanimation Season

by - on the 11 January, 2010 at 11.48 am

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The Barbican Centre in London is well known for it’s love of anime. The Barbican has ran a season called Japanimation since 2006, which has  been spearheaded by the co-author of the Anime Encyclopaedia – Helen McCarthy. Recently there have been some new developments at The Barbican Centre which has led to many rumours floating around the internet – such as the end of Japanimaion.

These rumours are so strong that they have even managed to penetrate the national, mainstream media such as The Guardian. There is an understandable concern that with these changes at The Barbican that unique cinema experience will be impacted and different cultures’ entertainment will be ignored and fall back away into obscurity.

Fortunately this is not the case and Helen McCarthy has gone on record on her blog saying:

Japanimation, like everything else on the Barbican Cinema schedule, will adapt to changing circumstances. We may have to fit around the builders, but we don’t intend to disappear.

This is great news to the anime community at large as it means we will continue to see Ponyo, Mai Mai Miracle, GitS and various other anime that Helen kindly organises for the viewing populace. The most vital part about the Barbican is that it’s not a seedy,  back alley, underneath a huge store indie cinema, it’s a well known, respected and Government funded institute. This means people have confidence in it and what’s being shown.

Source: A Face Made for Radio: Helen McCarthy’s Blog

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