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Beez at the MCM London Expo

by - on the 17 October, 2009 at 12.11 pm

beezBeez Enterainment have announced that there’s a number of changes happening at the London Expo for them this year. The first is actually where they are going to be, rather than theri usual block they’ve joined forces with their parent company Bandai, so they will be at the Namco Bandai Partner’s area right next to the gaming area.

The biggest points for Beez this year are summarised below:

In conjunction with London MCM Expo we are proud to bring you two of the best creative minds from Japan – the President of Studio BONES and Producer of Sword of the Stranger – Masahiko Minami and the Director of Sword of the Stranger – Masahiro Ando.

Signings from both guests will occur on the Beez stand once on the Saturday (11:00-12:00) doing a second signing each day too while Mr Minami signs on the Manga stand (Saturday: 16:00-16:30 approximately for Ando-san on Beez stand and 16:30-17:30 for Minami-san on the Manga stand Sunday: Ando-san on Beez stand at 13:00-13:45 and Minami-san on Manga stand at 14:00-14:45__)!

There will be both a Studio BONES panel held by Minami-san and a Sword of the Stranger panel looking at how feature length animes are made.

We’ll be holding some giveaways in conjunction with the Namco Bandai Partners as part of their Iron Fist Tournament over at the Tekken stand across from Beez/NBP’s block.

In another amazing giveaway we will be including one full-priced Beez DVD from our back catalog (sorry no Gurren Lagann’s!) in just over 3000 of the goodie bags going out to early arrivers at London Expo in October. So best get there early to get in on it – which one will you end up getting?

Plus – looking to do your Christmas shopping early? Well we’ll be selling most of our remaining titles for 2009 at Expo including:

– Sword of the Stranger (2-DVD edition)
– Cowboy Bebop Remix set (6 DVDs)
– Code Geass Part 1 (3 DVDs)
– Code Geass Part 2 (3 DVDs)

All will be going for discounted prices (you guys know the rough pricings already, think half-way between the Gurren LE and RE prices at Expo in May for Bebop + Geass sets and far less for SotS, in limited quantity though so best come get them while you can!

So if you’re going, make sure you swing by and say Hi to Andrew and the team!

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