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Beez Entertainment to Attend London Expo

by - on the 13 May, 2009 at 6.27 pm

poster-a3-gurren-hdBeez Entertainment recently confirmed that they will be attending the traditional London Expo held at the Excel Centre in the capital this year. This is nothing new as they have done this for many years, and most anime and manga companies attend this convention regularly.

However, Beez Entertainment have confirmed that they are changing the way that they release their DVDs. Rather than individual DVDs containing only a few episodes per DVD they are shifting to a three part release, therefore each release will be similar to a mini-boxset. To celebrate this new model Beez have confirmed that at the London Expo they are going to be selling their single DVDs for the incredible price of £5 per volume. This mammoth sale is going to include the following DVDs:

– .hack//SIGN
– .hack//Legend of the Twilight
– Crest of the Stars
– Eureka Seven
– Fantastic Children
– Gundam Seed
– Gundam Seed Destiny
– Gundam Movies 1-3
– Gundam F91, 0083 etc
– My Hime
– Panda-Z
– Patlabor the Movie
– Patlabor 2 the Movie
– Planetes
– s-CRY-ed
– Stratos 4
– Witch Hunter Robin
– Yukikaze

Boxsets will go from £15-25 and all other DVDs will be a maximum of £10.

It’s not just old titles either, they will also be selling products straight off of the production line with Gurren Lagann in both Limited and Regular edition with various other series as well!

So it’s vital to be at the expo for super cheap Beez products this year!

Source: Anime UK News

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