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BIOMECHA 8 Now Available

by - on the 6 April, 2010 at 9.58 am

It was confirmed yesterday by Sweatdrop Studios, that their latest product range is now available to purchase immediately. BIOMECHA 8, the 8th instalment in the BIOMECHA series by Laura Watton will retail at just £3.00GBP from Sweatdrop Studios directly.

Best date ever, or worst night of your life?

Set in the near future, Biomecha tells the tale of friends at college who have special abilities. Toshio has hypersensitive and hyperactive arms falls in love with a pretty young girl named Reiko. Together they try and make their fated relationship work.

She is nervous, he is worried about hurting her – and wants to curb the ever-growing mountain of bills in the wake of his unintentional destruction!

In this issue… Harlan and Nammy go to their gig, only for drama, confusion and the unexpected to get in their way.

Available: 5th April 2010
Where: Sweatdrop Studios
Price: £3 per volume (8 in total to date with two specials)

You can purchase BIOMECHA via Sweatdrop Studios and all of their previous editions here.

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