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Coluboccoro Kickstarter funded

by - on the 21 April, 2015 at 10.46 am

coluboccoro2We recently let you know about the latest Kickstarter from Awesome Japan and Kenji Studio, Coluboccoro. This is the latest project from the creator of Santa Company and they were looking for $38,000 to achieve some modest goals with their project.

We can now confirm that Coluboccoro has now achieved their first batch of goals, to reach $38,000 and begin the process of localisation into English. There are a number of stretch goals, such as add 8 minutes of extra footage if they reach $100,000.

To celebrate the successful funding of the original goal, three minutes of the short film has been released.

If that’s tickled your fancy and you’ve now already backed, you can back for another 10 days by clicking here.

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