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Daisuki.net confirms one title for the UK

by - on the 11 January, 2014 at 1.23 pm

Buddy ComplexSince the advent of legal anime streaming, there’s been a plethora of attempts to try and monetise the solution. One of those attempts is from Japanese streamer, Daisuki.net who have today confirmed that we’ll be getting one of their three announced shows this season.

So the three titles announced are Nisekoi, World Conquest: Zvezda Plot and Buddy Complex. The one that we’re getting – Buddy Complex.

Buddy Complex is essentially another high school mecha show, where a giant robot attacks the city where high school student: Aoba, is saved by a classmate piloting her own giant robot. After accepting an office to be part of an alliance, Aoba is in the middle of robot warfare. The series is created by SUNRISE studios, who brought us Cowboy Bebop, Outlar Star, Code Geass and Escaflowne – so they’ve got pretty good mecha credentials.

With Escaflowne being re-released later this year, viewers will be able to compare how far the genre has moved or if Escaflowne is still outranking a lot of modern shows.

Buddy Complex will be streaming on Daisuki.net and on their official YouTube channel from the 13th January 2014 at 0300 (yes, 3am). A very brief trailer can be seen below:

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