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Desert Punk and The Slayers Confirmed

by - on the 10 December, 2008 at 8.16 pm

Today, without a press statement, MVM Entertainment have confirmed that a new series is going to be available from next year.

It’s been confirmed today that Desert Punk Volume 1 will be available on DVD as of the 2nd February, 2009. Set around a Japan that has been reduced to dust after a nuclear catastrophe the alst surviving humans seek out a meagre existence in the hot sands. Focusing on Katana Mizuno, nicknamed Desert Punk this handyman is capable of incredible feats and makes a lot of friends on his adventures.

The manga is currently not available in the UK.

The second show that’s been confirmed for release is The Slayers Volume 2, which is a direct continuation from the legendary series of The Slayers. Which is set around a world of magic, demons and with characters entitled the Lord of Nightmares.

Currently both will be available from the 02nd February, 2009 from MVM.

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