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Dragon Ball: Origins 2 UK Release Slated

by - on the 19 February, 2010 at 11.14 am

Namco Bandai recently confirmed that they will be bringing the next instalment in Goku’s adventures to the Nintendo DS in all PAL territories this Summer.

Continuing where we left off in the first game for the DS, Dragon Ball: Origins 2 will through players back into the gameplay with many more features and touches that make this experience more refined and intuutitive than before.

The story in Dragon Ball: Origins 2 takes players through the Red Ribbon saga from Goku’s first meeting with the Red Ribbon Army to the resurrection of Upa’s father, with no shortage of colourful encounters and Ki energy-charged clashes along the way, all carried out with the trademark Dragon Ball flourish of wit and charm.

A sample of what to expect.

Taking the game beyond the single player experience of the first title, Dragon Ball: Origins 2 lets up to two players with the game play together via ad-hoc play to defeat a series of increasingly formidable bosses across special stages, all of which can also be tackled in single player mode. Players can even use their saved character data from the single player Adventure mode while battling alongside friends in co-op mode.

Throughout the game in both adventure and co-op modes, players will be given opportunities to play as one of the popular heroes other than Goku from the series bringing a fun new dimension to the adventures.

With Dragon Ball-busting side-on boss battling and heart-stopping aerial fights shown on the upper screen, the game comes even closer to reproducing the signature intense aerial assaults of the Dragon Ball anime.  If you want authentic Dragon Ball fun, action and adventure, coupled with a full serving of dazzling gameplay improvements and multiplayer co-op, then look no further.

So that’s a slated release date of this summer.

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