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DVD Releases This Week

by - on the 20 April, 2009 at 6.06 pm

ouran-koukou-host-club-wallpaper-groupThis week a number of DVDs are being released into the UK marketplace, each of these DVDs are about our favourite genre – anime. These three series are each brilliant in their own way, and one is especially welcome to the News-Anime.com collection of awesome and that’s because boys with too much time on their hands entertaining girls with way too much time on their hands make a great series.

The releases this week are:

  1. Ouran High School Host Club Series 1 Part 1
  2. Naruto Series 6 Part 1
  3. Fullmetal Alchemist Series 1 Part 2

As always you can buy these series through all good online stores, and our own Store which you are able to access by clicking on the navigation menu above.

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