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DVD Releases This Week

by - on the 5 April, 2010 at 8.46 am

Not every week is a long weekend, for those of us who work outside of the service industry we’ve just had Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today off from work or school. Perfect long weekend, if only it was always like that! However, for some bizarre reason the anime world has got things the wrong way around!

Last week there was only two new DVD releases, although large box sets, this week, there are seven new anime releases and two further DVDs worth taking note of! So, without further adue, here are the releases:

The two that are noteworthy, non-anime but Japanese related DVDs are:

Geisha Assassin, also known as Geisha vs Ninja is being released by MVM Entertainment and is a light-hearted film where Geisha’s and Ninja’s clash.

Battle Royale looks like a license rescue as it my copy was released by Palisades Tartan. Battle Royale for those who don’t know it, is where a group of children are taken to an island and have to kill each other before they can escape.

All of the above DVDs have got links next to them to the cheapest place we could find to purchase them from, if there are two places the same both links have been given but extra information in brackets where needed.

Make sure that rather than pirating these items, or just downloading them that you purchase these DVDs to help support the growing anime industry in this country!

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