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DVD Releases This Week

by - on the 11 October, 2010 at 8.05 pm

It’s Monday! Although it’s the evening now, it’s no excuse not to take time out of your day to check out the latest anime releases from the good anime people in the UK. This week there are three releases for you to get your hands on and the “truly” new one is something you’ve got to pick up.

This week’s releases are:

  • Baccano! Part The Complete Series
  • Gun Sword Box Set
  • Berserk Box Set

Although it’s not been reviewed yet, Baccano is a personal favourite of mine and it’s a truly great show that needs to be purchased by all. It’s a grittier version of Haruhi set in New York, with a bit of supernatural, a lot of wacky characters and a episode structure that will leave the viewer scratching their head until a good way into the show when things start to make sense.

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