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Funimation and Manga Team Up

by - on the 14 October, 2008 at 7.16 am

Yesterday it was announced that Manga Entertainment have teamed up in the United Kingdom, and Manga Entertainment will be able to market, sell and distribute various titles from Funimation’s library.

Just a few of the titles licensed to Manga Entertainment are “Claymore,” “Negima Season 2,” “Darker Than Black,” “Ghost Hunt”, “Jyu Oh Sei”, “Ouran High School Host Club,” “Sasami,” “My Santa,” “Save Me Lollipop,” Baldr Force EXE”, and “xxxHOLiC,” with the first releases set for later this month and November.

“Our sales and marketing expertise, coupled with Funimation’s strong lineup of titles, convinced both companies that these could be some of the best selling new franchises of 2009 in the UK,” said Colin Lomax, Managing Director, Anchor Bay Entertainment UK/Manga Entertainment, a Starz Media company.

This is great news for Manga, but it must be a disappointment for MVM.

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