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Funimation’s Locked Video Server Temporary

by - on the 23 June, 2009 at 10.44 pm

funimation-logoRecently the Funimation server was compromised and as such Funimation have quite rightly starting to tighten up their security. Subsequently this has meant that they have started to region lock their videos, therefore the UK has been locked out of Funimation streaming. This was the accepted norm as happened with Joost, Voeh, MTV and various other video streaming sites.

However, Funimation announced today via their Twitter channel that this is not the case. An unnamed Funimation rep has stated:

UK-based visitors to the FUNi video portal will be temporarily unable to access our content. We are in the process of opening the video of each series approved for streaming in the UK and this will take more time to complete. This is only temporary and we fully intend for these series to return for fans in the UK.

Which is great news!

Source: Twitter

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