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Gonzo Downsizes

by - on the 1 December, 2008 at 8.15 am

GDH, the parent company of the legendary anime studio: Gonzo has announced that last Friday it has asked a number of people to take voluntary early retirement. According to the press release, this is to help restore the companies profits, and this is a common practise to try and avoid redundancy. This is often referred to as natural wastage.

However, this action would only apply to GDH and Gonzo, not the online gaming subsidiary Gonzo Rosso. It was announced that GDH was also selling off its GDH Capital Financing subsidiary for 213 million yen (£1.4 million), which was originally established in 2005 for 300 million yen.

GDH cites the drop in DVD sales and the world economic climate for the need to streamline it’s production business, and it’s already announced that next year’s output will be cut in half. It’s also going to be cutting it’s directors’ by 30% and top staff by 10-20%.

In terms of UK impact, the only noticeable change we will see is less products from the studio hitting our shores. We may see an increase in price over the long term if the company continues to struggle as it’s likely that licensing agreements with the UK anime industry will increase and therefore the price increase will be passed all the way along the chain. However, that’s nothing but an estimation, and we can hope that nothing will come to pass.

Source: Anime News Network

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