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Gundam Wing Remastered DVD Set

by - on the 14 October, 2008 at 8.56 am

Beez recently announced that they will be releasing the Gundam Wing series in a completely HD remastered box set, it will be across the same number of DVDs as past sets, but with all the extra HD glory. There’s also a few extras that will feature, and in the limited edition sets there will be art books, storyboards and sketches from the show to enjoy.

With a RRP of £99.99GBP, this is likely to go very quickly and many online retailers such as Play or Amazon will have this for significantly less.

The Gundam Wing series is a mecha anime which takes place in an alternative universe tot he rest of the Gundam series. It’s plot centres around a war between Earth and some space colonies; however, unlike other Gundam series, in Gundam Wing the Gundams themselves are more closely allied to each other than to the conflict that’s around them.

The full boxset artwork can be seen below:

Source: Beez Entertainment

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