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Highschool of the Dead Picked up by Manga Entertainment

by - on the 10 October, 2010 at 4.06 pm

Manga Entertainment today announced that they have gained the rights to distribute the undead anime – Highschool of the Dead, which was one of the summer seasons hits this year in Japan.

Highschool of the Dead stars Takashi and his good friend Rei and her best friend Hisashi. Then a Zombie arrived at the school gate. Within a few minutes a zombie plague managed to spread across the school throwing them all into a panic and attempt to avoid being eaten by their former school-mates.

After breaking out of the school to discover the infection had spread across the world, they search for a safe place in the world that’s managed to avoid the zombie chaos….

Currently there are no firm release dates confirmed; however, Manga Entertainment are hoping for the releases to start in June/July 2011 with both a DVD and Blu-Ray release penned. Manga are also hoping to work with Sentai Filmworks for the Blu-Ray release in the UK. So lots of good news there!

Source: Manga UK Twitter

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