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Jade Screen Magazine Expands

by - on the 7 March, 2009 at 7.18 pm

JS4.3How this item was missed is a mystery; however, it’s all good news even a little late.

The incredibly well known and much loved Hong Kong magazine – Jade Screen, recently announced that they will be expanding their coverage to include many more genres and mediums of entertainment. Of course, Hong Kong films are interesting and Chinese films in general are great, but there are just as many good Korean and Japanese films out in the world to see as well.

Further, anime is something that many, many people enjoy and Jade-Screen have announced that they will be entering the fascinating world of Anime coverage as well, so as far as we know that’s going to mean news, reviews and a column or two.

Their latest issue is due out on the 30th March, which you can subscribe to here.

Source: Jade Screen

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