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Jade Screen Magazine Release Date

by - on the 21 June, 2009 at 12.26 pm

June's Front Cover - Click for full size.

June's Front Cover - Click for full size.

The Asian Film and Anime Magazine – Jade Screen are just about to go to print, and this long running magazine will be out by around the 30th June, so keep your eyes on your letter boxes for the postman to deliever a copy of this magazine. This quarter will feature:

* Ip Man: The Film, The DVD, The Sequel Explored!
* Shinjuku Incident: Director Derek Yee Interviewed…
* Blood The Last Vampire Examined!
* Coweb: Kane Kosugi Speaks Out…
* Ninja: Scott Adkins Interview!

There will also be an interview with Yuri who’s voices Juno in Afro Samurai and a wee article about what defines an anime.

You can find out more, or subscribe by clicking here.

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