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Japanese Films at the BFI

by - on the 10 September, 2009 at 2.02 pm

From October 14th to the 29th, the 53rd London Film Festival hosted by The Times in London will screen hundreds of different films that many people may have missed in the past. Yesterday it was announced that a number of Live Action Japanese films based on anime shows will be shown this year, as part of the latest onslaught of major films to be shown in the UK.

The three films that will be:

Air Doll
“Kore-eda’s unexpected fantasy is both a charming love story and a fragile parable: an inflatable sex doll suddenly acquires a soul and starts to discover what ‘life’ really is.”

Date: Sat 24 October
Time: 21:15
Screen: Vue Screen 9

Date: Sun 25 October
Time: 13:45
Screen: Vue Screen 9

More information on this can be found here.

Astro Boy
“The robot boy from Metro City gets a CGI makeover in this updating of the anime classic.”

Date: Sat 17 October
Time: 15:30
Screen: Vue Screen 5

Date: Sat 17 October
Time: 15:45
Screen: Vue Screen 7

More information can be found here.

“Probably the best ninja movie ever made, Yoichi Sai’s adaptation from the legendary manga blends folk-tale, action fantasy and parable; with hot young star Kenichi Matsuyama as the hero.”

Date: Thu 22 October
Time: 18:15
Screen: NFT2

Date: Fri 23 October
Time: 16:00
Screen: NFT2

More information can be found here.

This event is being funded by various different sources, but the principle funder is the National Lottery, who have funded many recent anime/Japanese film releases such as Howl’s Moving Castle, Blood The Last Vampire and The Curse of the Golden Flower.

For more information on the BFI, please click here.

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