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Japanimation: After Tezuka

by - on the 21 January, 2009 at 7.46 pm

Another treat for London based anime fans, as the famous Helen McCarthy is running a session at the Barbican entitled: “Japanimation: After Tezuka”. Starting on the 28th January and running until the 1st February, Helen will arrange a selection of treats for any anime fan.

The line-up is as follows:

  1. Dororo 18:00 Wednesday 28th January 2009
  2. Black Jack: Episode 15:00 Saturday 31st January 2009
  3. Phoenix: Immutable Conclusion 13:45 Sunday 1st February 2009
  4. Akira 15:45 Sunday 1st February 2009
  5. Tekkonkinkreet 20:30 Tuesday 24th February 2009

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