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Kanon (2006) Not Acquired by Manga Entertainment

by - on the 11 July, 2010 at 2.48 pm

Manga Entertainment today squashed the rumours floating around the internet regarding their acquisition of Kanon 2006. We reported in May that Manga Entertainment along with Bamboo Blade had Kanon 2006 on their wishlist, Bamboo Blade was confirmed today by Manga Entertainment.

To the dismay of the Kanon fans, Manga Entertainment have today confirmed via their Twitter page that they do not currently own the rights for Kanon in the UK:

Re #Kanon rumours. Manga does not currently have this series on its schedule. Sorry for the misinformation that may have got out.

This announcement does not rule out Manga’s interest in the series for the UK, it just reiterates that it does not have the rights to the series.

Source: Twitter

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