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Kawaii Club

by - on the 5 January, 2014 at 9.38 pm

kawaii-club-internationalFor some, the idea of mystery and the unknown is a huge, scary, not-to-be-mentioned thing and for the adrenaline junky, they love it. So if you’re after cute stuff, but you don’t necessarily want to know what’s going in there, then this is for you.

The owners of Keep It A Secret, where you can buy loads of anime related goods from (and some Moomin biscuits, which are lovely) have launched the Kawaii Club International. The premise behind this club is that you sign up for a membership and on a monthly basis you’ll get a load of goods delivered to your front door. All of them will be from the East and all of them well be cute and in some cases, too cute.

To get a rough idea of the contents, take a peak through this review video from a happy Kawaii Club International member:

To sign up or look into it more, please click here.

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