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Kickstarter, 17 licenses and specifics from Anime Limited

by - on the 8 January, 2014 at 9.18 pm

EscaflowneAnime Limited announced some of their shows for 2014 broadly a few days ago, but they’ve today confirmed in far more detail some of their shows for this year and also hinted at a Kickstarter project that may cause a lot of interest in the fandom and announced that there’s 17 new licenses to be confirmed this year.

The actual details, which will help us to plan this year’s spending are:


10 February: Garden of Words – Blu Ray (SRP: £19.99)

10 February: Garden of Words – DVD (SRP: £17.99)

TBC 24 March: Tiger & Bunny – The Beginning Collectors Edition Combi pack (SRP £34.99)

24 March: Outlaw Star Complete Collection (SRP: £34.99)


28 April: Durarara!!! Limited Edition Blu-Ray Set (SRP £79.99)

28 April: Nerima Daikon Brothers – Complete Collection (£39.99)

26 May: Durarara!!! DVD Complete set (SRP: £49.99)

02 June: Gurren Lagann – Ultimate Edition (SRP: £149.99)

20 June: Cowboy Bebop – Complete BD Collection (SRP: £59.99)


Announcements coming soon~~~


20 October: Gurren Lagann Blu-Ray set (TV series only, SRP: £59.99)

20 October: Gurren Lagann DVD Collector’s Edition (SRP: £79.99)

24 November: Space Dandy – Collectors BD set (13 episodes, SRP £69.99)

24 November: Space Dandy – DVD edition (13 episodes, SRP £49.99)

The team have stated that Tiger and Bunny: The Beginning was delayed due to contractual reasons and then the translation of a replica theatrical pamphlet has taken the time. Durarara is being co-authored with Siren for the Blu Ray copy and they’re figuring out the specifics. For Gurren’s Ultimate Edition, there will be a limited run of the 50 page hardback artbook and there will be a maximum of 2,000 copies of the ultimate edition whilst the normal edition has a lot of extra content on disc.

There’s a few that are still yet to be dated and they are:


Letter to Momo – Collectors Edition BD/DVD (SRP: £34.99)

Letter to Momo – DVD edition (SRP: £17.99)

Patema Inverted – Collectors Edition BD/DVD (SRP TBC)

Patema Inverted – DVD Edition (SRP: £17.99)

Escaflowne Ultimate Edition – format TBC

Escaflowne Regular Edition – format TBC

HAL – Format TBC

Samurai Flamenco – TBC

They have also confirmed that there are 17 new licenses due to be confirmed this year, with a fair few of them due for release in 2014 as well. 10 of these licenses will be TV shows – a mix of new and classic shows and there will be 7 movies.

Finally, Anime Limited have announced that there was a specific title that “fell through the cracks” for all of the licensor and that once the Kickstarter is approved in a couple of weeks, it will range across the UK and the US. So hold your breath and as soon as we know what it is, we’ll be letting you know!

You can see the Anime Limited blog post here.

So that’s a lot of confirmation and certainly a lot of interesting times ahead with an anime Kickstarter. The only downside of this announcement is that I seriously doubt that the Escaflowne release will have the classic Fox Kids opening music, which for some reason, this anime fan loves. Won’t comment on the dodgy cut, but the music, well, it just takes me back.

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