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LAC to Discontinue

by - on the 13 October, 2008 at 7.45 am

London Anime Club

London Anime Club

Since 1995, the London Anime Club has been a breeding ground for anime fans to share their love of the artform and become a general Otaku. Unfortunately, it would appear that dwindling attendance numbers has caused the organiser, David Cotterill to discontinue the events.

The announcement has been anxiously waited for by many fans since David arranged the “Future of the LAC” meeting a little while ago. The meetings have since shifted to a bi-monthly meeting, rather than monthly, and the numbers continue to dwindle. Since the London Expo and other larger anime conventions came into effect it’s been long known to hit the LAC, but it would appear that the proliferation of broadband, fansubs and cheap anime has killed the need for the LAC.

The LAC’s website, anime.org.uk still has nothing on this announcement, but it’s being reported widely through the UK Anime community, and is a great shame to this already delicate community.

Source: Otaku News UK

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