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Laputa and Yamadas Blu-Ray Release Date Rumours – Update

by - on the 1 March, 2011 at 6.20 pm

It’s been widely reported that two Studio Ghibli classics, Laputa Castle in the Sky and My Neighbours the Yamadas are to be released in Blu-Ray in the UK on the 9th May. This is due to Play.com putting the Blu-Ray edition of the films up for sale; however, at this moment in time there is no formal confirmation of this.

The UK release for Optimum’s films website currently does not confirm if this is correct and at the time of writing Optimum Releasing were unable to confirm the date’s accuracy. However, Play.com are often correct with their release dates of anime releases, so it’s highly likely that these dates are correct.

Update – 1st March 2011

Optimum today confirmed to News-Anime that Play.com is correct and both Laputa and My Neighbours the Yamada’s will be available in the UK onl Blu-Ray from the 9th May 2011 and will be confirming the full details alongside packaging information very shortly.

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