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Leeds International Film Festival Confirm Anime Showings

by - on the 10 October, 2010 at 2.33 pm

The Leeds International Film Festival have finally announced this year’s line-up and whilst the LIFF screens various different films that are noteworthy, we at News-Anime are more interested in their anime offerings. Last year we saw a huge amount of anime films coming from the LIFF and this year is no different, we are going to be able to see:


Take your seat for the wildest ride of the year! From one of the most exciting animators on the planet comes an exhilarating animated action film that has got to be experienced on the big screen! Fuelled by a mind-blowing hyper-graphic style and a matching high-octane techno soundtrack, Redline roars across space with a cast of thousands as JP sets out to win the wackiest and most extreme race in the galaxy.

Where: Leeds Town Hall/Hyde Park Pictures House
When: 19th – 21.00/21st October 16.45
Price: £6.00

Book tickets for Redline here.

Mardock Scramble: The First Compression

The European Premiere of a striking new anime, part one of the  long-awaited cyberpunk noir trilogy based on Tow Ubukata’s award-winning sci-fi novels set in Mardock City. A teenage prostitute Rune Balot is murdered in an explosion by the devious gambler Shell. Under the ‘Scramble09’ ordinance, Balot is miraculously saved by Dr Easter and his self-aware Universal Tool, Eufcoque. Resurrected as a powerfully advanced cyborg and equipped with Eufcoque, Balot confronts the worst of Mardock City’s psychotic underworld as she hunts down the killer who took her life.

Where: Leeds Town Hall/Hyde Park Picture House
When: 19th – 1630/21st 1215
Price: £6.00

Book tickets for Mardock Scramble here.

One Piece: Strong World

Smashing box office records in Japan and selected for animation competitions around the world, this wildly-inventive and whirlwind comic adventure is the tenth anniversary feature based on the phenomenon of One Piece, the manga by Eiichiro Oda. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates have set sail on their latest quest when out of the sky appears legendary pirate Golden Lion Shiki, 20 years escaping from the Great Prison of Impel Down. Shiki has a plan to bring down the World Government and next thing they know, Luffy and his gang are fighting for survival against monsters in a strange land…

Where: Leeds Town Hall/Hyde Park Picture House
When: 19th – 1400/21st – 1000
Price: £6.00

Book tickets for One Piece here.

Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance

A huge hit in Japan last year, part two of Anno Hideaki’s new Evangelion film series is an outstanding sci-fi anime experience in its own right – a visual feast with striking animation and an electrifying apocalyptic story. In a devastated future Earth, Tokyo-3 is under constant attack from the mysterious shapeshifting monsters known as Angels. Protecting the city are the giant Eva robots of the military organisation Nerv that recruits teenagers as pilots. As the end looms, young pilots Shinji, Reiand Asuka are tasked with the fight to save humanity.

Where: Leeds Town Hall/Hyde Park Picture House
When 19th – 1830/21st – 1345
Price: £6.00

Book tickets for Evangelion here.

Gintama: The Movie

The European Premiere of the first feature based on the popular  sci-fi samurai manga Gintama. In the medieval period of Edo (the old name of Tokyo), an invasion by the Amanto aliens hasbrought future technology and spaceships to the city, and the threat of rebellion is everywhere. The samurai are down and out,banned from bearing their swords, but the trio of fighters known as Odd Jobs Gin are still in action and their time comes when the master sword Benizakura goes missing. Gintama is a blast from the start, when it makes fun of the film itself.

Where: Leeds Town Hall
When: 19th October – 1200
Price: £6.00

Book tickets for Gintama here.

Make sure that you book early to avoid disappointment.

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