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Leek and Sushi’s Manga Show: 150 Years of Friendship

by - on the 7 February, 2009 at 4.01 pm

itchIt has been announced that the independent, UK based, manga studio and publisher ITCH have released a new 204 page manga book that compiles literally hundreds of short manga sketches into what is known as the Leek and Sushi’s Manga Show: 150 Years of Friendship.

This collection of 15 different artists has been released to celebrate the 150 years of diplomatic ties to the Japanese state from the UK. Originally a lot of the drawings were submitted to the Japanese Embassy for a competition, so it has to be noted that they have not had any ties with the production of this anthology.

Below in our gallery are a few of the many shorts available in this anthology – you can purchase this anthology from ITCH’s website here.

Sources: ITCH and IndieManga

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