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London MCM Expo TOKYOPOP Roundup

by - on the 28 October, 2008 at 3.50 pm

Tokyopop UK today announced that they had great success at London MCM Expo this year. Along with selling out of every edition of Dramacon Ultimate Edition that was with them over the weekend, the manga signing session ran over time by two hours. This was due to the sheer level of fans who wanted to get their favourite mangas signed by the author of Dramacon, Russian born Svetlana Chmakova .

Along with the sheer level of people showing up to get their manga signed, Tokyopop also gave away the must have gaming machine, the Nintendo Wii to one lucky fan. Darren De Doncker was that lucky fan, who just happened to pick up a copy of Chibi Vampire Volume 1 that had been marked in a particular way. So compeltely at random, he managed to win himself a Wii by just turning up!

Along with this great news, the UK based anime magazine NEO announced the results of their annual “Best Of” awards, and Tokoypop UK won the “Best Manga” award, which was for Tatsuhiko Takimoto’s Welcome to the NHK, and they also won the award of “Best Ditributor” as well! So we’ll be seeing Tokyopop in NEO yet again.

Below are a couple of the photos of that lucky Wii winner along with a Cosplayer and just how much manga Tokyopop brought along with them!

Source: Tokyopop UK

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