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London MCM Expo Tomorrow

by - on the 24 October, 2008 at 7.48 pm

This is just a reminder to everyone to say that tomorrow is the start of the London MCM Expo! Down in London Town at the ExCel Centre, not too far from London City Airport thousands of anime and manga fans will flock together to enjoy and the plethora of new products that are being launched during this flash in the pan expo.

Beez Entertainment, TOKYOPOP, Viz, MVM and even the videogame publisher Koei are going to be in attendance. For those of you who aren’t on the Beez Mailing List, there’s going to be a lot of Beez products around, and there’s meant to be a few announcements tomorrow as well, along with the Q&A panel.

Sweatdrop Studios will be revealing a lot of new products, as we updated on earlier. So for fans of the many, many series that are being released, you can purchase the entire lot from the Expo tomorrow, you can see the various products that are being announced tomorrow here.

Genki Gear are also releasing their latest T-Shirt designs tomorrow, and the new manga distributor Dimensional Manga will be doing their pre-release signings as well!

So make sure that you all have fun, if you see anything interesting, worth reporting on or anything else that’s great please let us know at webmaster(at)news-anime(dot)comNOSPAM, remember to remove NOSPAM as we hate spam here. I should be around on Sunday, not that any of you a) care or b) know what I look like, but I’ll have a lot of fun anyway!


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