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Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarted by Anime Limited

by - on the 3 February, 2014 at 6.51 pm

Mai Mai MiracleAnime Limited have been teasing us, dropping the odd hint and baiting us but they have now announced their Kickstarter campaign and it’s a doozey.

There’s an awful lot to say about this Kickstarter campaign, but Anime Limited have confirmed that they plan to release Mai Mai Miracle to the UK and the US. Mai Mai Miracle has been overlooked in the UK in the past as one of those niche animated gems that’s been left behind. Which is a huge shame as it’s from Sunao Katabuchi – a protégé of Hayao Miyazaki. So we know that there’s the talent already there.

Rather than just release it on Blu-Ray, Anime Limited want to raise $30,000 (USD) to bring all the extras that anime fans crave, but as a small indie in the UK, they’d either have to throw a lot of money and therefore risk at the film, or sublicense it. Which isn’t a great option.

So with the 30k, they want to:

  • Release Mai Mai Miracle in the UK and the US on Blu Ray
  • Create and add English subtitles for the film
  • Produce quality packaging
  • Share some of the artwork and behind the scenes goodness.

For more information, you can go to the Anime Limited blog post, or their microsite. Or, if you know you want to support them, go and pledge some cash at their Kickstarter page here.

Here’s the synopsis:

Mai Mai Miracle is the story of two young girls, their friendship and their unique magical take on the world around them – a view that is only possible in the minds and imaginations of children. When a young girl named Kiiko moves to a small country town, she befriends Shinko, a bright, imaginative girl who has a special way of viewing the world around her and connecting it to the region’s past. With Shinko’s lead, Kiiko follows her on numerous adventures of imagination and time travel finally breaking free of her shell and learning to let go of the grief she carries for her deceased mother.

Mai Mai Miracle does a great job of converting that magic into art in a way that is unique to the film which very much adds to the overall feel of the story. It is a joy to behold and a great film for kids and adults alike. If this sounds like something you’d love to see, or you would like more information and details on the Kickstarter campaign please pledge on our page!

Here’s the trailer:

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