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Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter update

by - on the 8 February, 2014 at 12.11 am

Mai Mai MiracleOn Monday, Anime Limited announced that they would be attempting to release Mai Mai Miracle in DVD and Blu Ray with extensive extras to the UK and US markets via a Kickstarter campaign. As of Wednesday 5th February 2014, the Kickstarter campaign went live. The original goal of $30,000 (USD) was met within the day. The current stretch goal of a dub is $60,000 (USD).

As of midnight on the 8 February 2014, the running total is just over $51,000 (USD) with 26 days left to go. Whilst there is much debate amongst anime fans around subtitles versus dubbing, it’s important to remember that regardless of your personal preference, dubbing makes all releases more mainstream and opens up a wider audience.

Mai Mai Miracle has had various theatrical showings in the UK since it’s release in 2009, but it’s never been widespread. It’s never had a UK home market release. In 2011 as part of the Anime Season at the Barbican in London, UK, Helen McCarthy – one of the co-author’s of the fabled Anime Encyclopaedia has stated in her blog:

Mai Mai Miracle, though – there’s a movie to make you dance in the streets.

Which is high praise indeed from an industry veteran.

For a mere $25 (USD) you can gain a digital copy of this film and for a $55 (USD) you can gain both DVD and Blu Ray with subtitles and dubbing (subject to the $60k target being hit) along with a digital artbook, digital wallpaper, postcard, digital release, collector’s packaged version in a rigid splicase with 4 carts and the cost of shipping for the UK, Ireland, US and Canada is included in the cost.

So if you haven’t already backed, get backing.

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