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Manga Entertainment Confirm Two New Movies

by - on the 3 April, 2010 at 2.43 pm

It was recently confirmed that Manga Entertainment have gained the license to release two new movies in the UK, the confirmed release dates for one movie has not been confirmed yet; the other is due shortly. Those two films are:

Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai Movie

Based around the real life Japanese swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi, author of The Book of Five Rings this Oshii/Production IG film’s plot is still to be 100% confirmed to English audiences.

Release: Unknown

Eureka Seven – good night, sleep tight, young lovers Eureka Seven – good night, sleep tight, young lovers Movie

Renton and Eureka are both children who are somewhat of an oddity. Remton raised by scientists and Eureka who can’t live under the sun are very attached to one another and this attachment is put to the test when Eureka is taken from Renton – who is powerless to stop it. He vows to get Eureka back one way or another.

Release: 19th July 2010
Format: Standard Definition and Blu-Ray

Manga Entertainment have recently been picking up a lot of anime films and this just shows their continued commitment to the UK scene.

Source: Manga Entertainment’s Twitter via AUK News

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