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Manga Entertainment Up For Sale

by - on the 10 July, 2010 at 4.38 pm

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It is being reported by various sources that the parent company of Manga Entertainment, Overture Films, is likely to be sold in the coming weeks. Manga Entertainment has various parent companies; however, the parent company of Overture Entertainment, Starz Media, who in turn are owned by Starz LLC, whom are in turned attributed to the Liberty Capital Group and Liberty Media Corporation own various other companies. Such as Manga Entertainment globally, Anchor Bay Entertainment in the US and Film Roman in the US to play with, it’s likely that different buyers will be interested in each of these specialist companies.

This is still to be confirmed by Starz LLC formally; however, there have been some high level resignations at other subsidiary companies in the Starz LLC family. Executives at Overture Films recently resigned with almost immediate affect, citing: “due to differences over the strategic direction of the company”.

Manga Entertainment UK’s Jerome Mazandarani announced on the official Manga Entertainment Twitter feed:

“Our parent company Overture may or may not be up for sale! It’s not unusual. Nothing to worry about”.

Source: Anime News Network, Twitter, Starz LLC

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