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Manga Linked to Murder Case

by - on the 21 October, 2008 at 7.33 am

In the case of the Guiliano Mignini case, the lead prosecutor: Meredith Kerscher has told the court that the defendant: Raffaele Sollecito held various manga that depcited scenes of murder similar to his own.

Meredith’s roomate, Amanda Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito are charged with murder. Meredith was found half-naked, with her throad slit with blood on the walls. Mignini summarised that the scene was similar to that of a scene from AKIRAFUGA (Demon Lord Dante).

Naturally, this case is getting an unbiased and fair media coverage, with the abhorent The Sun stating:

“The court was told the password for his computer is AKIRAFUGA. Akira is a character in violent sado-masochistic Manga comics.

Fuga is Italian for flee. One Akira story relates how the ‘hero’ ran after trying to rape students.”

Source: UK Anime Network

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