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Miyazaki Condems Aso

by - on the 20 November, 2008 at 3.32 pm

Hayao Miyzakai, the legendary anime creator and man behind Studio Ghibli has recently hit out against one of his industry’s most famous fans – the Japanese Prime Minister: Taro Aso. The conservative PM has tried to soften his gruff image by claiming he understands the anime and manga culture in Japan and across the world.

However, Miyazaki has said that there’s no need for him to advertise his love of manga publicly:

“I think it’s a shame. It’s something that he should do secretly, I feel a big contradiction as what we are doing may be depriving children of their power,” he said. “But I want to continue this job, believing it is also a happy experience that a child has an unforgettable movie. Nationalism stems from the belief that multi-ethnicity causes problems of the world. We learned from the last war that the town we love or the country we love can always turn into something bad to the world. I believe we must not forget what we learned,” he said.

Source: Yahoo News

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