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Mnemosyne Volume 1 Announced

by - on the 20 November, 2008 at 9.43 am

Mnemosyne Volume 1 has now been scheduled to be released across the United Kingdom on the 23rd February, 2009. This show has come without any form of announcement from the distributors, 4 Digital Media; however, their website also confirms the release date. This show is now available on Amazon, Anime-On-Line and various other online distributors.

The shows basic premise is that Rin Asogi is a private investigator taking on any jobs to help pay the bills. However, she’s actually indestructible and has supernatural healing abilities. Together with her partner Mimi, Rin starts to delve into the darkest secrets of society; however, the secrets she holds herself are far more sinister.

Remember, this 18 rated show will be available to purchase on the 23rd February, 2009.

Source: Anime UK Forums/4 Digital Media

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